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Cupid’s Love Tree: Thoughts on Evergreen

(Via Dramafever)

Evergreen (That Man Oh Soo, 그남자 오수)

(Drama 2018)

I had high hopes for Evergreen when I saw the trailers for it on Dramafever, but sadly, this kdrama fell short of my expectations.

Oh Soo (Lee Jong-hyun ) is a famous engineer and a cafe owner.  He acts as “Cupid” for people by putting magical pollen into their coffee to help them fall in love. He eventually falls in love with a female police officer, Seo Yoo-ri (Kim So-eun), after she drinks the mysterious pollen.

Aside from a handful of quirky romantic moments between the leads, I found the chemistry between the two main leads dull. They showed their love subtly—Oh Soo expressed his feelings for Yoo-ri in small gestures. However, the main leads and most of the Evergreen characters were a bit lackluster or too over-the-top for my taste.

Although Evergreen is categorized as a fantasy romance, the show doesn’t really establish itself into one overarching genre. This series fits in the crime-thriller category where Yoo-ri must capture a sexual assault criminal in her neighborhood, there’s a fantasy element in regards to the magical tree that gives off special pollen to make people fall in love, and there’s constant melodrama where characters are dying or being sent to the hospital. Also, the storyline wasn’t really engaging. There’s so much going on in each episode that there wasn’t much of a flow.

Overall, I found this drama a waste of time. There were countless moments when I fell asleep. The pacing of this drama was quite slow and melodramatic.  This drama had so much potential but what we got was a story that was poorly developed and a complete disappointment. I felt that the romance and fantasy aspect of this series could have been executed better.

Evergreen is a drama that I would skip and isn’t worth your time unless you are a fan of CNBLUE. It’s like a second rate My Love From Another Star.

You can check out Evergreen on Dramafever.


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    • No problem. I’ve been watching a lot of dramas lately and Evergreen was a disappointment especially the ending which didn’t have much of a wow fact but instead it felt like a cop-out.

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