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Thoughts on Bibliophile Princess

© Madhouse & Sentai Filmworks

Bibliophile Princess (2022)

Written by Yui and Illustrated by Satsuki Shiina

Studio: Madhouse

I reviewed the first three episodes of this series on the Nakama Podcast and it isn’t a series I would recommend to anyone unless they like cheesy historical romances. However, I decided to finish it because I enjoy romance anime.

Christopher Selkirk Ashelard is next in line for the throne of the Sauslind Kingdom. To be a proper ruler, he needs to have a proper wife and so he seeks the hand of his childhood crush, Lady Elianna Bernstein. Elianna accepts the proposal because Christopher promises her access to the royal library. In the beginning, she just believes her relationship with Christopher is a political engagement, but later on, she falls for him.

Elianna lives in her own little world. She is constantly reading books and so, her view of the world is set on ideals she learned from books as opposed to real-life experiences. Her vision of a peaceful world is through diplomacy and charity work rather than war. Her mindset seems a bit idealistic and childish and so people question her leadership capabilities. But later on in the series, she proves herself worthy of the crown by making rational judgments for the betterment of the kingdom.

Furthermore, Elianna has a strong fascination for books and enjoys reading. Her obsession with reading has left her to be absent-minded when it comes to everyday life and her interaction with others. In fact, she forgot that she and Christopher have known each other when they were children. I can actually relate to Elianna because whenever I read, I get really absorbed in the book and pay no attention to other things.

I kind of feel bad for Christopher because he remembers everything about Elianna and she doesn’t remember him. He even put exceptional effort into having Elianna as his bride because he has been in love with her since they were children. It’s quite extraordinary that he is writing their love story as their relationship progresses.

On another side note, I really enjoy pastel and light-colored schemed animation for this series. The pastel really brings out a romantic aesthetic and showcases Elianna’s femininity. This series has Victorian Era vibes, showcasing high fashion and culture.

This series is enjoyable to watch if you enjoy Victorian history and literature. It is a bit cheesy so not a series to watch with friends unless you like to fangirl over Bishonen characters and romance.

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