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Food Travels: Thoughts on Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

©MAPPA & Crunchyroll

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill (2023)

By Ren Eguchi

Studio: MAPPA

Any isekai series involving cooking or food is a huge plus for me because you know the food animation will be excellent.

In Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill, four heroes get transported to the parallel world known as the Kingdom of Reijseger. Three of those heroes were gifted with unique abilities to help the kingdom against a demon.

However,  Tsuyoshi Mukouda was granted the skill of online grocery shopping; in which he can order food and other products from Japan. Since his ability is deemed “useless” in fighting, he decides to live a simple life. Now, he travels around the region with Fel. Fel is a Fenrir, a legendary beast who becomes Tsuyoshi’s familiar in exchange for delicious food.

This isn’t a cooking show but it’s interesting how he combines Japanese cuisine with the delicacies of this new world. Fenrir would always kill various monsters so that they have meat for the delicious dishes that Tsuyoshi creates. It would be fun if Tsuyoshi explained how he cooked and prepared each meal, but it is unrealistic since goblin meat doesn’t even exist in this world. I do admit that I got a bit queasy thinking about cooking a goblin.

Rather than an isekai series, this feels more like a slice-of-life comedy between Tsuyoshi and Fel. Fel would go off on wild hunting sprees just so he can eat Tsuyoshi’s meals. Sometimes, these hunting moments could be a bit overwhelming with the amount of meat Fel brings back, but luckily, Tsuyoshi can make a hefty living off of it. Also, the dynamics between the two are like Tsuyoshi and his pet dog, Fel, even though Fel is a legendary beast that is highly respected in society.

I kind of wish we have another season of this show because there is plenty of other regions that Tsuyoshi has left to explore and I would like to see the friendship further blossom between Tsuyoshi and Fel.


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