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A Nonchalant Lawyer & A Youthful Woman: Thoughts on Beautiful Gong Shim

(Via Dramafever)

Beautiful Gong Shim (미녀 공심이)

(Drama 2016)

This is the first drama I watched with my sister this summer, but it is also the first drama we watched with my mom.

Gong Shim (Bang Minah) feels incompetent and average in comparison to her beautiful and talented older sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo-rim). In need of money, Gong Shim rents her rooftop room to Ahn Dan-tae (Namkoong Min), a lawyer with a nonchalant and childish attitude. Gong Shim’s and Ahn Dan-tae’s worlds collide when both of them get involved with the largest and richest company in South Korea, Star Group. Gong Shim befriends the current heir of the company, Seok Joon-soo (On Joo-wan), and Ahn Dan-tae is helping Seok Joon-soo’s grandmother find her long-lost grandchild, Seok Joon-pyo, who was kidnapped when he was a child.

Beautiful Gong Shim is a family drama. There were significant heartfelt moments involving Nam Soon-cheon, who happens to be Seok Joon-soo, and Seok Joon-pyo’s grandmother. Every time there’s a scene with the grandmother, viewers are invited to sympathize with her because you can sense her pain and longing for her grandson. She truly loves Seok Joon-pyo and she believes that he’s still alive. That’s true unconditional love. She went to great lengths to figure out who kidnap her grandson and to find him.

This drama is all about the reuniting and breaking of family bonds. The Star Group family has some hidden secrets that were eventually brought to light when Ahn Dan-tae takes on the kidnapping case. Also, we see a small rift in Gong Mi and Gong Shim’s relationship. While watching this drama, my sister and I were annoyed by Gong Shim’s older sister, Gong Mi. She’s a bit selfish and harsh towards her sister throughout the series and their relationship didn’t seem to find any resolution in the end. In fact, Gong Mi doesn’t apologize towards Gong Shim for all the dirty tricks she played on her. Thus, we see that Gong Mi hasn’t really changed or grown to become a respectable character in the eyes of the viewers. We see that she still withholds some jealousy towards her sister, Gong Shim. Yet even though Gong Mi doesn’t change, we see a change in Gong Shim as she grows to become more confident in herself and is able to stand up against her sister.

As for Ahn Dan-tae and Seok Joon-soo, their bromance starts to blossom as the series progresses. Seok Joon-soo considers Ahn Dan-tae as an older brother. Furthermore, I found Ahn Dan-tae to be pure comic relief which is a good balance from the intense melodramatic moments. Ahn Dan-tae would always be found eating food at the convenience store or walking around the neighborhood like a homeless bum as he pesters Gong Shim.

Beautiful Gong Shim is a good balance of adorable romantic comedy with family drama. If you want to watch Beautiful Gong Shim, you can check it out on Dramafever.


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  1. Don’t think that this drama is quite for me, but I still enjoyed reading your review for it. And it’s nice to read that you watched this with your mother too (My own mother loves these as well 😊😊)

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