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Fanime 2018 Highlights: Day 2

Day 2 was much more exciting than Day 1 because I met up with some blogger friends and I was somewhat social. 

My friends and I continued our conquest of the Dealers Hall and the Artist Alley. I was on a search for the “perfect” present for my sister. She recently bought a house and she wanted a cute anime decoration to put in the living room. I got her this little plastic fishbowl terrain with Totoro in it. It’s cute. I kind of wished that I bought a few more terrain decorations but I commuted to the con and so, I didn’t want to carry so many things.

I wish I got the name of the artist! They had a lot of cute stuff!

After that, I left Mina and Jason in order to meet up with some of my blogger friends: Hazel and Shay. I hang out with Hazel at the Cherry Blossom Festival in April (which I still need to write about) but it is the first time I met Shay in real life. Shay was cosplaying as Misty and her boyfriend was cosplaying as Ash from Pokemon—they were adorable. While hanging out with Hazel, I convinced her to splurge on an Icy Hot snapback.  I think it’s great to meet blogger buddies in real life because you actually get to interact with the real-life person as opposed to a screen. I don’t regret peer pressuring her. I think both Hazel and Shay are planning to go to Crunchyroll Expo. I am still a maybe for that convention because I’ll have to see whether my semester schedule will allow it but I should go since it would be a birthday present to myself.

After I hung out with Hazel and Shay, I went speed dating. The last time I went speed dating at Fanime was three years ago. I had a lot of fun the last time and so, I wanted to do it again. Also, speed dating helps with my interview and social skills. I am an introverted and shy person but, I was able to get comfortable with talking to complete strangers in a mutual setting. I was still rather nervous, though. Like the last time, I had low expectations and I didn’t expect a guy to be interested in me. But somehow, the guy I selected picked me back—there’s a mutual interest surprisingly (I honestly didn’t think he’d pick me). We have been in contact with one another and are just slowly getting to know each other.

When I told my friend about it, she was really happy for me. I think mostly because I had a rough 2017: I just focused on myself and school. She’s excited to see something new and exciting in my life. I’ll see where this takes me.

The last thing I did was attend an 18+ panel called Super Epic Fun Time: Love Love Dating Game. It was basically a dating game show panel. Five lucky guys from the audience get to win a date from a pool of three girls. These guys compete in whacky challenges to win the women’s hearts. It was so funny and entertaining. I hope they come back next Fanime, but I believe they will be at Anime Expo this summer. So if you are going AX, I recommend going to that panel.

Lastly, #Butter.

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