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A Poetic Song: Thoughts on Lullabies

(Via Goodreads)

Lullabies (2014)

By Lang Leav

Lullabies is the second poetry book by Lang Leav. I encountered the poet and writer, Lang Leav from her Instagram account and also out of recommendation from my friend.

And to be honest, Lang Leav’s contemporary poetry is what I need right now. When I think of the title of this poetry book, it reminds me of bedtime stories you read before you go to sleep in order to have good dreams. I think that this poetry book has the same functionality as the poems do not necessarily bring you good dreams, but they do make you contemplate on your desires and usually, those desires pertain to love.

The structure of this poetry book is a musical tune in reference to the title, Lullabies. There are three sections: Duet, Interlude, and Finale. We can consider each poem as a lullaby or a song pertaining to love and heartbreak. Like songs, these poems can easily capture the reader’s emotions as Leav easily speaks about the matters of the heart through her poetic words.

The poems that resonate with me are the ones that are mostly about longing for or missing someone. In the “Introduction,” Leav states that Lullabies is a book that is on your bedside table—”one that you will pick up on some windy, restless night and it will help sing you to sleep.” I read a couple of these poems before I slept actually and they were very therapeutic as they remind me of certain crushes I had in the past.

Lang Leav is the poetic voice for contemporary men and women who are in love or wish to be and for those who had their hearts broken.  I am planning to buy all of her books because I enjoy her poetic style and her views on love.



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  1. ohhh gosh im reading this book right now 😊
    i like that your blog is making book reviews more power😊

    if u happen to visit my blog id appreciate it 😊
    thank u

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    • Thank you! I love to read and write and many of my blog posts are about the pop culture stuff I encounter and my life. Thank you for the follow 🙂


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