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Fanime 2018 Highlights: Day 1

Spoiler: Mature content! 

On the first day, my friends and I went straight to the Dealers Hall. We ended up buying a lot of cute clothing as opposed to anime-related things. (I’ll post loot photos at the end of the trip.)

This day was mostly dedicated to +18 panels. Before I didn’t have any general interest in panels and I mainly just shopped and played games in the game room. Yet this time we were in a smaller group and so, I joined my two friends in the wonderful land of hentai and +18 content. As a result, I realized that I’ve been doing cons wrong. Once you go 18+, you ain’t going back and I’m not.

The first panel we went to was called “An Uncensored Hentai Review” which was run by a Youtuber known as Glitch The Digital Demon. In this panel, we watched one of his videos on a hentai show that I have no idea what it’s called but you can check it out on the link I gave as well as the contest that was held during the panel. Overall, the panel was pretty entertaining and it was my first glimpse into the world of hentai. My friends were pretty happy I joined them. It was like I graduated and joined the “secret society.”

The second panel we went to was “Nerd Courting.” The topic was interesting: the panelist talked about dating in the nerd community but it felt more of a lecture rather than an open discussion and my friends and I got kind of bored. Plus everything that this guy said was common knowledge to most folks but you just have to apply it.

After that panel, we went to “Weeb Pictionary” which was basically an interactive game of Pictionary that consisted of otaku topics. This panel was alright.

The last activity we did was attend “Hentai Nights” which were just screenings of hentai anime. I never went to any screenings at a con because I think it’s a waste of time. Why watch an anime at a con when you already do that all the time at home? However, at “Hentai Nights,” it wasn’t just about watching but rather, what makes it entertaining was the ridiculous and crude humor that audience members said while watching.  For example, one of the characters in this hentai was named, Prince Kwan,  and he happened to be severely injured. And so, there were a few people shouting: “Prince Kwan needs medical attention!” or when the main protagonists were having sex, someone shouted, “WHAT HAPPENED TO PRINCE KWAN!”

Throughout the screening, I was actually questioning my morals and judgments because some of these series were a bit too risque and traumatic. However, I read literature and listen to music that’s darker than the chocolate I eat and so, some of these series weren’t any different. I could actually see how some of these shows could be used for academic purposes as opposed to entertainment (if there’s a decent plot to it that is). Yet for my first-time experience at “Hentai Nights,” I just enjoyed the crude comments from people. I think you have to be pretty open-minded to watch this stuff especially when some of the scenes aren’t “sweet and innocent.” There’s plenty of people out there that find hentai uncomfortable and inappropriate, but I  think it depends on the individual and what lens and purpose they are consuming the media. As for me, I don’t mind watching it with my friends because we had a lot of fun laughing at what people were saying.

Lastly, #USA.

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  1. Hentai at a con? That’s something I would never expect at all! I’m glad to see that the organizers have an open mind to this sort of stuff that they would actually publicly screen it at a con

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  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time at the con, I can’t wait to see your haul pics. Also, woah I can’t believe they showed hentai at the con!! All the cons I’ve been to have so many notices about violence or potential nudity when they screen something like Sword Art Online, a Hentai Night sounds out of this world. But like you said it would have been fun to watch in a group setting with people yelling out jokes and the like!

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    • Yeah. I will share the swag loot we got with my friends. And yeah, Fanime is the only major con I went to and I have been to smaller ones but if I go to another con, I’m going to compare those cons with Fanime because to me it’s the top one.

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