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30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 27: Name An Underrated Drama?

(Via Sharerice)

U-Prince Series (2016-2017)

This drama series is currently airing, but an underrated drama that you should watch is U-Prince. It’s a teen romance Thai drama. The reason why I picked this drama is mainly because of the cute actresses and handsome actors as well as the cheesy romantic moments.

U-Prince is a Thai TV series that is based on these “manga” style comics. The premise is 12 popular and charming male ambassadors that represent each department at a university and 12 lucky girls fall in love and date.

The series is divided into 12 segments each couple’s story is told in four episodes except for the first segment which has 8 episodes. Why 8? I think it’s because the main guy is Put Puttichai and he’s pretty popular and is major eye candy for viewers and also maybe it’s because it’s the first segment and the producers wanted to start off with a bang.

Anyways, if you love romantic comedies, then this is a series that you should check out.

(Note: I most likely will review this series in the future.)


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