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30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 4: Your First Taiwanese Drama?

(Via DramaWiki)

Devil Beside You (2005)

Directed By: Lin He Long

My first Taiwanese drama was a Mike He and Rainie Yang one. I think a good majority of people’s Taiwanese starter drama is with Mike He and/or Rainie Yang.

The Taiwanese drama I watched with both of them in it is Devil Beside You, which is based on a Japanse shoujo manga entitled The Devil Does Exist by Mitsuba Takanashi.

Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) planned to confess her feelings to the basketball team captain,  Yuan Yi (Kingone Wang) through a love letter, but she accidentally made her confession to the wrong person, the bad boy, Jiang Meng aka Ah Mon (Mike He). Ah Mon teases her for it and she ends up being his ‘runner’ because he threatened to reveal her crush to the whole school.

It’s a pretty cliche drama, but it has its cute moments. Also, about halfway through the drama, it becomes a forbidden love romance due to the fact that their parents are planning to get married to each other. XD

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  1. I had watched this too , maybe in 2009, and fell in love with Mike He ( in fact, I think I posted a pic of him on my earliest posts )…. but now , thinking about it, he must be 11 years older , married , with kids. aaaargh,

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