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LynLynSays Accepts The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

(Via Giphy)

It was around this time when I started the 30 Day Song Challenge. And now I decided to start a new one called the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge. One of my interests is Asian dramas (East and Southeast Asian), but I don’t post about it as often as I should on here. Anyways, that’s about to change now since I’m doing this challenge. 🙂

Day 1: First Drama you watched?

Day 2: Your first Japanese Drama?

Day 3: Your first Korean Drama?

Day 4: Your first Taiwanese Drama?

Day 5: Your all time favorite Asian Drama?

Day 6: Your least favorite Asian Drama?

Day 7: Your favorite Japanese Drama?

Day 8: Your favorite Korean Drama?

Day 9: Your favorite Taiwanese Drama?

Day 10: Your favorite Drama insert song?

Day 11: Your favorite Drama opening?

Day 12: Your favorite Drama ending?

Day 13: The last Asian Drama you’ve seen?

Day 14: What Drama are you currently watching?

Day 15: Your favorite actor?

Day 16: Your favorite actress?

Day 17: Your favorite Drama character?

Day 18: Name a Drama you dropped, and why?

Day 19: Your favorite Drama genre?

Day 20: Your favorite Drama OST (Instrumental)?

Day 21: Your least favorite Asian drama actress?

Day 22: Your least favorite Asian drama actor?

Day 23: A drama you looked forward to but disappointed you in the end?

Day 24: Drama with the best ending in your opinion?

Day 25: Drama with the worst ending in your opinion?

Day 26: Name an overrated Drama?

Day 27: Name an underrated Drama?

Day 28: A Drama that made you cry?

Day 29: A Drama that made you cry from laughter?

Day 30: A Drama you never get tired of?

I hope you all enjoy my selections and if you have never watched an Asian drama before, I hope my posts will make you interested. 🙂

Happy Reading!



9 thoughts on “LynLynSays Accepts The 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge Leave a comment

  1. Do you mind if I also do this 30-day Asian drama challenge that you have created? I will credit you on my blog.

    I like the topics you have written about for each day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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