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30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 1: First Drama You Watched?

Courtesy of CJ Entertainment (Via Wikipedia)

Virgin Snow (2007)

Directed By: Han Sang-hye

The first drama I ever watched or at least was exposed to and became interested in the Asian drama world is a South Korean film called Virgin Snow.

The film starred Lee Joon-gi as Kim-min, a South Korean high school student that moves to Japan and falls in love with a Japanese student, Sasaki Nanae (Aoi Miyazaki).

Now I watched this film during my Japanese class in high school and I immediately thought that Lee Joon-gi is a cute actor. After that, I started researching different dramas that I could watch with him in it and also if there are other cute actors that exist like him. I felt like I opened a door to a whole new world.

Virgin Snow is one of my favorite foreign films. It deals with some strong issues such as domestic/child abuse, language barriers, and cultural differences. I think it’s a good movie to get a piece of the feels that an Asian drama gives to people. I teared up a bit and it was hard to hide it because I was in class.

4 thoughts on “30-Day Asian Drama Challenge Day 1: First Drama You Watched? Leave a comment

  1. What we do for 2d and 3d dudes 😹👌
    I’m not sure what mine was. I know it was either one of the adaptations from manga like Boys over Flowers or Hana Kimi, or it was the movie 100 Pounds of Beauty. All three I liked, so I’m blessed to have good experiences~
    This one sounds like a real heavy one, so congrats for surviving it as your first one! XD

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