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Establishing New Roots: Thoughts on Farming in Another World

© Zero-G & HiDive (Via IDMB)

Farming in Another World (2023)

Written by Kinosuke Naito

Illustrated by Yasumo

Studio: Zero-G

I’m not a fan of isekai but watch these series for research purposes.

Hiraku had rotten luck, and so when he died, God granted him a second chance at life. Hiraku wished to become a farmer and so God granted his wish in another world. Using a special multi-purpose tool, he’s able to create a farming village from scratch.

First of all, the title isn’t original. You can put any adjective before “…in Another World” and it will be an epic adventure automatically. And so when I think of the isekai series, Farming in Another World, my first impression is that a simpleton is living as a hermit and farming on his land. And I’m pretty much right (for the most part).

However, as the series progresses, we see a variety of creatures interact with Hiraku and start living in The Great Tree Village. In Episode 6, “This is a Village,” Hiraku gathers the community to discuss what they should call themselves, leading to the name The Great Tree Village, and the community promoting Hiraku as the mayor.

This village that Hiraku created is basically a utopia. The ideal society that individuals would want to live in. One aspect that stood out is the fact that any type of species can live here, just as long as they don’t cause trouble. Thus, individuals can live in peace and harmony without discrimination. Furthermore, this village is a fresh start for Hiraku, himself, because he lived an unfortunate life previously, and now, he has the opportunity to create the life that he wants.

It’s interesting to note that Hiraku brought a lot of human realm practices from his previous life to his village. He brought some practical goods like wine and furniture, but he also introduce the villagers to currency. In some ways, it appears that Hiraku is colonizing this new world with his values and practices. And even though colonization is frown upon nowadays, in this story, it is a positive thing.


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