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Years Don’t Define The Amount of Love You Have for Someone: Thoughts on My Ambulance

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My Ambulance (รักฉุดใจนายฉุกเฉิน)

(Thai Drama 2019)

Before you read this review on the Thai romantic comedy and fantasy drama, My Ambulance, you need to listen to the adorable opening song entitled “Love Siren” sung by Paris and Pearwah. The music video has guest appearances from the cast of this series.

My Ambulance is about a woman named Tantawan Popboribun (Davika Hoorne) who has been in a relationship with the same man for fifteen years. Their relationship started when Tantawan tries to commit suicide after her parents’ sudden death. She jumps off a cliff at the cemetery and gets severely injured. She calls Peng (Sunny Suwanmethanont) for help. The universe happens to hear her and gives her this mysterious power to call her true love to save her anytime. At that very moment, it happens to be Peng and they end up being together.

Flashforward fifteen years later, Peng is an emergency doctor and Tantawan is a clinging girlfriend that acts as a housewife even though they aren’t officially married. (Sometimes I feel like she acts more of a mom rather than a girlfriend.) However, Tantawan begins to question whether Peng is still in love with her once another man comes into the picture: a young doctor named Chalan (Wongravee Nateetorn).

For the storyline, I expected a bit more in regards to why Tantawan has this special power to call on her lover to save her from trouble. I thought she had this gift because she was destined to save someone else in the future. However, it turns out that it was just randomly given to her and has no real purpose but to “annoy” her lover. That turned out to be a real disappointment.

Yet, there are two lessons that I got from this series that I thought was worth sharing. The first lesson was said by Paebii (Kanyawee Songmuang), a rookie ambulance driver, who was giving advice to Chalan. She tells Chalan that if you really did love a person then you will tell them your feelings no matter what. If you never confessed, then that person wasn’t someone you truly loved; you weren’t willing to share your feelings regardless of whether you get hurt or not. There’s so much truth to her words that I had to share it with you all. If you do love a person, you would let them know regardless of the rejection or not. Why? Because honestly, it’s nice to know that someone at one point in time really did love you, even for a moment. Also, if you don’t say your feelings, it implies that you can basically live your life without that person and so, your feelings were never really true love to begin with. Paebii’s words are some words that I would like to live by. Usually, I am the person that keeps thoughts and feelings to myself, but lately, I realized that I should express myself a bit more because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

The second lesson I learned is that how long you’ve known someone doesn’t necessarily equate to how strong and long-lasting both your feelings are to each other. You can love a man for fifteen years and his feelings can change in a heartbeat. You can just meet someone in just four minutes and you feel like you met your forever person. How long you know a person doesn’t define their loyalty and love for you. This is what happens in this series: both our main characters who dated for fifteen years end up being interested in other people who happen to be young adults in their mid-20s. I think the reason why they end up being interested in younger people is that they missed out on exploring and experimenting while they were young and so they hope the young people that they date will allow them that freedom that they missed or lack now. In other words, these older adults are attracted by the youthfulness and innocence of these young people.

My Ambulance is a cute romantic comedy. It has its fun moments but the storyline is pretty cheesy and obvious that I think it was too hyped up. Also, the one pitfall of this show is that the “magical power” didn’t have a logical reason: it defies reality.


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