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In Sickness or In Health the Truth is Brought to Light: Thoughts on Uncontrollably Fond

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Uncontrollably Fond (함부로 애틋하게)

(Drama 2016)

Uncontrollably Fond was one of those dramas that I didn’t want to watch because I’m not a huge fan of Suzy’s acting style. However, Woo-bin’s performance was amazing and so that made Suzy’s acting bearable to deal with.

I actually watched this drama with my mom and she really enjoyed it. She isn’t a Woo-bin fan but she did like the fact that he sang some songs in this drama. My mom was invested in the family melodrama that involved Shin Joon-young and his mother, but she also felt really bad that Shin Joon-young was going to die.

In Uncontrollably Fond, Shin Joon-young (Kim Woo-bin) and Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) share an ill-fated relationship. Shin Joon-young is the illegitimate child of a famous prosecutor and dreams of becoming just like his father. However, when Shin Joon-young finds out that his father allowed a drunk driver to be free from consequence,  he decides to not become a lawyer and instead becomes an idol which made him a disappointment in his mother’s eyes.

He changed careers because he felt ashamed that his father gave into money and allowed someone to be free from punishment. He wanted to be a prosecutor because he believed in helping the people who are helpless, but his father’s action proved that there is no true justice in this world but rather, there are corrupt individuals that govern the people. In addition, Shin Joon-young’s father is the one that ruined the life of the girl he loves, Noh Eul who lost her father from the hit-and-run case that Shin Joon-young’s father was handling. After Noh Eul gets run over by a car, Shin Joon-young promises God that he will do anything in exchange for Noh Eul to live. By granting this wish, Joon-young gets diagnosed with a brain tumor. Rather than seeking treatment, Joon-young believes it to be the consequence of the wish he asked.

Now all of this happened in the past, but fate brings the two together once again when Noh Eul gets hired to be the director of a documentary series about Shin Joon-young’s life. Joon-young believes it to be the universe’s way of granting a dying wish to him, and so, Joon-young tries his best to get Noh Eul to fall in love with him, but she’s too stubborn to let anyone into her life.

What I like about this drama is how fate and karma oversee the lives of people, good or bad. Yet in this series, every character has their flaws but some flaws weigh more than others. Shin Joon-young isn’t a “good guy.” In fact, he comes across as arrogant and obnoxious but despite his ill personality, he means well. He tries his best to help and care for the women in his life, his mom and Noh Eul. I also like to point out the shifting of his belief systems as the story progresses. Shin Joon-young likes to take action but his actions are to benefit the people he cares about as opposed to any selfish reasons.

Uncontrollably Fond reminds me of A Walk to Remember but more melodramatic. It’s a story about bringing truth and justice to light despite feeling hopeless and on the brink of death.


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  1. Well, I liked your review a lot . I recently started watching Korean Dramas with eng subtitle, my first drama was The Heirs . I wanted to watch Uncontrollably Find after that but I thought it had too much sadness so I stayed watching While you were sleeping, which I am currently watching…
    You review wants to make watch it asap .💓🍦

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