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3 Things Waen Dok Mai Taught Me About Marriage, Dating, and The Single Life

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Waen Dok Mai (Will You Marry Me?, Flower Ring)

(Drama 2017)

Waen Dok Mai, also known as Will You Marry Me? or Flower Ring is on my list of favorite dramas. I know I say that all the time but I would put this one down as a must-watch for Asian drama fans.

Waenpetch or “Waen” (Gypso Ramita) and Singh (Kasetsin Puttichai) enjoy their single lives. Waenpetch works as an editor for Lovely Family magazine and Singh is a florist. They have no interest in getting married. The two met at a friend’s wedding and they just so happen to catch the flower bouquet at the same time. The two become friends because of their shared views on romance and marriage life. Yet, they slowly begin to develop feelings for one another.

Originally, I watched this series because of my favorite drama duo, Kasetsin Puttichai and Gypso Ramita, who both starred in I Wanna Be A Sup’Tar. I enjoyed their acting in that series and so it was great to see them star in another drama together. Furthermore, I actually found this drama’s storyline interesting and entertaining especially since Thai dramas are mostly overdramatic and cheesy.

Waenpetch is an independent working woman who is stubborn and hot-tempered. While Singh is a kind-hearted and optimistic guy who takes care of his siblings and their children. Like I Wanna Be A Sup’Tar, I really enjoyed both actors on-screen chemistry.

As for the storyline, I really enjoyed the life lessons that this drama conveys about romance, dating, and married life.

1. The first lesson is that marriage doesn’t guarantee you a happy ending. Singh’s older brother, Kaobin, and his wife, Saifah, have marriage troubles. Saifah is aware of her husband’s affairs which are destroying their marriage. Rather than being a weak wife who accepts Kaboin’s apologizes and lies, Saifah tries to catch Kaobin in the act of cheating. In addition, Saifah knows how to manage a household even though her marriage is falling apart. She maintains order in the household and still takes care of Kaobin’s family.

Furthermore, Singh’s middle sister doesn’t have a happy married life as well. Dao married too young due to the fact that she was having a child out of wedlock and she didn’t want to bring her family to shame. Dao’s obsessiveness and jealousy lead her into believing that her husband is having an affair with his best friend, Waen but that isn’t the case.

2. The second lesson that this drama conveys is the pros and cons of the single life. Although this drama is all about romance, it shows viewers the ups and downs of not being in a relationship. However, this drama glamorizes the notion that you should really get to know a person before you start anything with them. Singh and Waen started out as friends before they started dating one another. Viewers were easily drawn to the romance that was developing between them.  I enjoyed their relationship because even though it was slow and steady in the beginning, you can witness the great chemistry they have together.  They slowly start to open up to one another and so, their relationship came about naturally.

3. The third lesson I got from this drama is that once you get married, you are not only marrying your significant other but also his or her whole family. Throughout this drama, Singh’s father is constantly involved in the lives of his children and grandchildren. In fact, he pressures Singh to get married and compares his single life to the lives of his siblings. Also, viewers witness an exaggerated version of how crazy in-laws can get when it comes to wedding planning.

As I said before, Waen Dok Mai is a must watch for Asian drama enthusiasts. You might find the storyline a bit lacking but if you look past it, you will definitely find this drama entertaining and relatable especially if you are a millennial.

5/5 (But more like a 9 or 10.)

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