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Lifestyles of The Rich & Famous: Thoughts on I Wanna Be Sup’tar

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I Wanna Be Sup’tar (วันหนึ่งจะเป็นซุปตาร์ or Wannueng Jaa Pben Superstar, 2015)

I Wanna Be Sup’tar is one of my favorite Thai dramas and I would recommend it as an introductory show to Thai dramas.

Wan Nueng dreams of becoming a Thailand superstar but she fails every single audition she gets. Win Pakorn is a famous actor that was forced to withdraw from the entertainment world due to a video scandal speculating Win to be gay. Win returns to Thailand and resides in Wan Nueng’s former house which was sold to him in order to force Wan Nueng to move aboard with her parents. Wan Nueng is left homeless until Win asks her to get rid of the reporters who found out where he lives, and in exchange for her help, Wan Nueng gets to live in the house. Win and Wan Nueng become close friends and he helps her achieve her dreams.

Now I have slowly gotten into Thai dramas and one of the issues I’ve noticed with these dramas is the “cheap” storylines. Usually, in these dramas, the writers would use a cheap trick to resolve the conflict despite building it up for several episodes. These cheap tricks are usually when the female protagonist gets kidnapped by gang members and the male protagonist has to go save her. This is like the equivalent of the Korean drama’s hospital scene.

However, in this drama, they don’t use that cheap trick. In fact, the conflict is between Win and his former manager, WanWan, who has a grudge against Win for leaving his management. This grudge entangles Wan Nueng as she gets involved with WanWan by being signed under his management.

I Wanna Be Sup’tar dabbles in the world of celebrity lifestyles. We see that it isn’t always glitz and glamor for these stars and one false move can cause you to be kicked out of the “entertainment circle.” For example, when the public found out that Wan Nueng and Win were living together, it caused a lot of controversies as fans quickly became netizens that talk badly of her. (It’s a taboo in Thai culture for a man and a woman to be living in the same home but aren’t married.) Wan Nueng quickly learns that the life of a celebrity is more difficult than it seems and she soon faces the struggles of it.

In addition, I like how I Wanna Be Sup’tar shows a variety of LGBT characters and we see that the antagonist, WanWan, is a flamboyant gay man. He’s actually one of my favorite villains in a drama series because he portrays the two-faced type of personality very well. In front of the camera and the media, he is sweet and kind but behind the scenes, he’s the one manipulating and calling the shots as it is “his way or the highway.” However, these evil intentions are hidden behind a “seductive” and “conniving” voice that makes you think that someone like him wouldn’t hurt you but in actuality, this type of the person is the most dangerous.

Overall, I definitely recommend I Wann Be Sup’tar to Asian drama watchers. It has the right amount of drama and romantic comedy in it. Put Puttichai and Gypso Ramita have great chemistry together. I really enjoyed Gypso’s eccentric personality for Wan Nueng and her fun outfits.


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