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A Healthy You: Thoughts on Oh My Venus

(Via Wikipedia)

Oh My Venus (2015-2016)

Directed By: Kim Hyung-suk

Last weekend, my sister and I watched a Korean drama called Oh My Venus. Her students recommended it to her. I researched it before hand and found out that it was a popular series last season. Plus, it has one of my favorite actresses, Shin Min-a from Arang and the Magistrate.

Kim Young-ho is a personal trainer that transforms a 33-year-old lawyer, Kang Joo-eun, back to her teen beauty days after she gets dumped by her boyfriend and is experiencing health issues.

Yes, this is a drama that focuses on physical appearances. I am usually reluctant to watch these types of dramas because they make their audiences members feel self-conscious about their appearances or at least, that’s the vibe I get. However, this drama does a good job conveying a positive message: “Being healthy doesn’t necessarily only mean to have a fit body, but it is to also maintain an optimistic mentality and to keep your body safe and away from diseases, illnesses, and other toxins.” For example, one of the supporting characters, Oh Soo-jin, had a major body transformation but faced complications later on in her life. In addition, Kim Young-ho stayed in hospitals throughout his childhood because of a rare cancer disease; hence, as to why he is always on a strict diet and exercise routine.

Furthermore, I enjoyed the on-screen chemistry. So Ji-sub and Shin Min-a brought these characters to life. For instance, the main guy, Kim Young-ho is fascinated by Kang Joo-eun’s dimples to the point where he starts poking them. My favorite scene is Kim Young-ho’s proposal to Kang Joo-eun. This drama’s proposal is unique and different from the other proposals I’ve seen in Asian dramas. Sorry for the spoilers, but it was just so cute that I had to mention it. One of the best proposals I’ve seen in an Asian drama by far. In addition, I really enjoyed the sarcasm and jokes that the male protagonist, Kim Young-ho made. So Ji-sub has a serious face but his witty remarks make him a pretty fun actor.

I wouldn’t have watched this drama without my sister’s students nagging her to watch it. I’m glad they did, though. It is pretty funny, but it also had its dramatic, tear-jerking moments.


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