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The Story Behind The Picture


Usually, people just take pictures off Google and make it their avatar picture for various social media sites. Or if they have awesome Photoshop and artistic skills, they make their own special avatar.

I am not artistic. Nor am I tech savvy either.

Originally for my blog, I wasn’t going to have a profile/Avatar picture. I was just gonna leave it with the generic one that they provided here on WordPress. However, “someone” nagged me to put a picture up of at least something. So I did.

And that’s when I placed this Kotomi-chan picture. (In actuality, though, there is more to this image. I just cropped it.)

The end.

I’m kidding.

The Kotomi-chan picture is special to me because there isn’t anything out there like it. I would know because this design was made by my friend and I guess you could say it is a “present” to me, back in 2009. He knows how much I love Clannad, and Kotomi-chan is like one of my favorite characters on the show. That’s why it is my avatar for basically everything related to my blog and social media accounts. So if you see this picture on another site, they most likely have gotten it from Google image that is linked to this site.

So there you have it. The story behind the Kotomi-chan picture. Will I ever change it? Maybe in the future. If someone wants to make some cool art for me, sure why not. I’ll change it. I mean, some people already posted some awesome pics of me.

My Friend:




Also, thank you Crimson for the question on my


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