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Love is in the Air: Thoughts on Love Flight

(Via Youtube)

Love Flight (2015)

Starring: Puttichai Kasetsin and Ungsumalin Sirapatsakmetha

So if you haven’t read this recent post of mine,  I mentioned that I have a crush on the Thai actor, Puttichai Kasetsin, also known as Push. If you have never watched a Thai drama, you should. They are just as dramatic as a Korean drama.

So to give you a snippet of the Thai drama world, I’m going to talk about a mini romance series that Puttichai Kasetsin starred in and that Thai drama is Love Flight.

Love Flight is set on an airplane flying from Thailand to Japan. There are three stories featured in this drama. The main one is between a man and woman who broke up due to a misunderstanding. While the other two stories are minor ones about a boy and his grandmother getting to know a girl that they happen to sit next to on the flight, and three women trying to get a free upgrade.

(Via Youtube)

The two minor stories served as either comic relief or feel-good moments. I didn’t think much of it, but they were simple and concluded easily without any open-ended questions from the viewers. As for the main story, it also had a clear plot and ending. However, there are some cultural barriers that I couldn’t accept easily. The main guy didn’t support his girlfriend’s dream of being a flight attendant despite her supporting his dream of being a travel writer. In fact, the main guy decides to give the girl an ultimatum: love or her dream. I think that’s unfair. The girl also has an equal right to follow her passions and should have the support of her boyfriend by doing so. So I didn’t mind that they broke-up for that reason, but there were other misunderstandings within their relationship that could have been prevented if they communicated with each other. Once again, another show that demonstrates the importance of communication in a relationship.

If you want to watch this drama, you can watch it on Youtube.


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