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A Heavy Crown: Thoughts on K: Return of Kings

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K: Return of Kings

(Anime 2015)

Studio: GoHands

Directed By: Shingo Suzuki

Written By: GoRA

When I heard that there will be a second season of K, I was excited. I really enjoyed the first season and the film that came out prior to this. I hoped that the second season would be able to lift up that heavy crown it bears by delivering a great bang of an ending.

For new viewers, you have to watch K from the beginning because the whole story is connected in some way.

© GoHands (Via Hulu)

In K: Return of Kings, Kuro Yatogami, and Neko are searching for their Silver King, Yashiro Isana because he disappeared after he defeated the Colorless King. Anna is getting used to her new role as the king of HOMURA. While Reishi Munakata is now in charge of the Slates—the power source of all the kings—which is bestowed upon him after the Second King passed away. However, the green clan, JUNGLE, already started to create an uprising that will shift the power of the kings to the average civilians.

© GoHands (Via Hulu)

After I finished watching season two, I couldn’t help but wonder since when did this anime have so much fanservice for male viewers? The amount of cleavage shown and the provocative body of Seri Awashima is a bit overbearing. I know it is probably just to increase the amount of male viewers because the majority of characters in this series are hot bishies that will attract a female audience.

Yet despite this, the women of K still continue to be badasses. When Anna Kushina becomes King of HOMURA, many of the clan members were concerned for her well-being and didn’t want her to do anything that will put herself in danger. To the men, Anna was viewed as “fragile.” I mean, Misaki Yata, offered to be Anna’s personal bodyguard and protector. However, Anna is mature for her age and possesses wisdom far beyond the average person.  I liked how she didn’t let her meek nature affect her leadership potential. In fact, when Yashiro Isana needed help to stop JUNGLE, Anna was willing to help.

© GoHands (Via Hulu)

For season two, I enjoyed how we are given more information on each clan’s political ideology. Scepter 4 is all about order and respecting authority, which is put to the test when JUNGLE attacks. HOMURA is on the opposite side of the spectrum—they have this “anarchy” mafia style clan structure. Your clan is your family, and you do everything to protect that family/brotherhood. As for JUNGLE, they abide by natural selection (Darwinism). Hence in season two, JUNGLE takes an extremist position and plans to release the Slates’ power to the world so that every person is granted powers and are able to decide his or her own fate.

© GoHands (Via Hulu)
© GoHands (Via Hulu)
© GoHands (Via Hulu)

In comparison, I think season two outperforms season one. What I like about season one is the mystery factor because, as viewers, we are trying to figure out whether or not Yashiro Isana really did kill one of HOMURA’s clansmen. Yet in season two, we jumped into an action-packed storyline, where it is basically good versus evil. Overall, though, the series was amazing and it concluded with a satisfying ending.


4 thoughts on “A Heavy Crown: Thoughts on K: Return of Kings Leave a comment

  1. Great review! I agree it did outperform season one. Season one was great! But they really stepped it up in season 2. I really liked that they added the green clan. It united the red clan and the blue clan which we never thought would happen. But I loved it. I agree with Seri’s body being shown so much. I think it’s kind of pointless. Even her skirt being so dag on high up. How can you fight in an outfit like that? But I guess you gotta do to get your audience to watch. Cause the men in thus are HOT!!! Hahaha

    But again great review.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yeah, K was a bit slow in the beginning (Season 1) but it really does pick up in season two.

      Yes, I wonder how she can fight in that outfit. Off topic, but Seri and Mr. Kusanagi is my OTP of this series. I loved how they had a special episode with each other in season two. I feel like for season two, they wanted to give everything the fans asked for.

      Liked by 1 person

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