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The Free Spirit Award Special Post: “Things I Love The Most”

(Via Zeino Edits)

As I told you before in another post, Marvelously Mismatched nominated me for the Free Spirit Award, which she and another blogger, UNOTAKU have created. The rules of this award goes as follows:

You can create your post the way you want to, the only rule you have to follow is that the post has to be about the topic you get from the previous nominee and please put the logo!

The topic that Marvelously Mismatched gave me is “things I love the most.” Now, I thought long and hard about this for a week (not really). I wanted to create a post that is both interesting and amusing to readers. I could have gone the easier, safe route and talk about my passion for writing or anime, but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to be bold. I had to take risks in order to demonstrate my versatility as a blogger. Rather than thinking about “things” as an object, I decided to consider “things” as beings.

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What do I mean by “things” as beings? I mean “beings” as in men. Yes seriously, the human male species. So going back to the topic, “Things I Love The Most,” I will change that title into “Men I Love The Most.” Why? Because Marvelously Mismatched and I always have interesting conversations regarding handsome anime guys.  Also, I think it is a topic that I linger upon on my other posts, but haven’t fully explored.

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When it comes to talking about the opposite sex or significant others, there is a lot of emotions and actions that goes with it. For example, there are different types of love: unrequited love, crushes, and true love. There are also emotions that influence love: jealousy, anger, embarrassment and etc. I am always fascinated in reading about romance in books and manga as well as watching it in anime. Hence, this topic seems appropriate for me to discuss and what better way to do this, but here in the Free Spirit Award post.

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In this post, I am going to talk about the “Men I Love The Most” in the 2D and 3D world. Yes, I am going to talk about my anime and cartoon crushes as well as celebrities that I greatly admire. I know it is impossible for me to meet them in real life, but as a female and a representative for girls, having great admiration for someone is a normal thing. Honestly, I do enjoy daydreaming and fangirling about them with my friends. There is nothing wrong with having an innocent schoolyard crush.

And no, I don’t mean it like this:

(Via Giphy)
(Via Giphy)

I am no creepy person. Okay that statement doesn’t really help my case because people tend to deny their creepy actions when it comes to these things. You can believe me or not, but I’m being honest. Fine if you don’t believe me whatever.

I mean it like this:

(Via Giphy)
(Via Giphy)

I have actually done the following reactions in those pictures up above in real life. I did those reactions because I embarrassed myself in front of real life crushes before. Anyways, let me begin the list.

My Anime Crush: Teppei Kiyoshi

(Via Zeino Edits)

This was a tough decision because I had to pick one out of a hundred anime guys. I based my decision on this scenario: if I could only have one anime body pillow, which anime guy would I want? I picked Teppei Kiyoshi. I guess you could say that he is close to my ideal type of guy. He is strong, physically and mentally. He is also protective and caring towards his friends and family. Teppei can act serious and calm, but he is actually an “adorable big kid” at heart.

I Don't Want to Lose S2 ep 48
(Via Crunchyroll)

My Non-Anime Crush: Prince Zuko

(Via Wikipedia)

In the beginning, he was a real jerk to Aang and his friends. However as the series progresses, he learns the value of friendship and begins to understand the true meaning of honor.

Plus, Prince Zuko has some awesome fire-bending skills.

(Via Giphy)

I enjoyed watching his relationship with his uncle, Iroh. Iroh treated him as if he was his own son. They drank tea and eat cakes all day long.

My Movie Actor Crush: Mario Maurer

(Via Viki)

I enjoyed watching his Thai film, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which was my gateway movie to him. After that, I started watching his other dramas and movies such as Autumn Destiny, Suddenly It’s Magic, and Pee Mak.

My Drama Actor Crush: Aaron Yan

aaron yan
(Via Viki)

I was first introduced to Aaron Yan through his Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit. After that, I started watching his dramas. My favorite one that he stars in is Just You. He plays the excellent rich, smug, but childish businessman role very well.

My Boy Band Crush: 2pm

(Via Giphy)

I heard about 2pm in 2008, but their music didn’t appeal to me at the time. I was young and naive about life’s greatest gift. However, I am now a 2pm fan. It all started the summer before my fourth year in university. I was bored out of my mind because all my friends went home for the summer and I was stuck taking summer courses. So I started watching Kpop music videos on Youtube, and one video led to another, and I ended up on 2pm’s Youtube channel. I clicked on a recent video, and I was like,”WHOA!” The video that changed my perception of them was this one, A.D.T.O.Y. After watching that video, I became obsessed.

(Via allkpop)

I thought it would just be a typical summer phase, but it wasn’t. I watched all their music videos, their appearances on variety shows, and their dramas. I even went to great lengths to see them in concert the following year. 2pm has a special place in my heart, and it probably won’t go away ever. I never felt this strongly about a Kpop band before. Usually, I would just listen to some songs that I like, but I never gave much thought about the artist. It wasn’t until 2pm came along that it changed my whole view on Kpop and also made me find my Kpop idol crush.

This leads me to my next topic.

My Kpop Idol Crush(es):

  • Chansung Hwang. He is my bias in 2pm. When I watched their variety shows, I thought he was the most fun and hilarious one out of all of them. I felt bad though because all his band members would pick on him since he is the maknae. However, he seems like a pretty fun and charming person to be around.
(Via Giphy)
  • Jung Yong-hwa. Yong-hwa is the lead vocalist and guitar player for CNBLUE. I love it when he appears on Running Man because he is one of the strongest guests to compete against with. Also, I saw him and CNBLUE play live at a festival. He has an awesome stage presence and an amazing voice. Yong-hwa has true musical talents.
(Via Giphy)

My Celebrity Internet Crush: Hentai Dude

(Via Bandcamp)

I don’t follow a lot of internet trends, Youtubers, and what not except for one, Hentai Dude. So this all started last summer when a friend of mine decided to post one of Hentai Dude’s videos onto my Facebook profile. I listened to it, and I thought he was AMAZING! (Now I enjoy listening to rap and hip-hop music, which you probably wouldn’t have guess if you see me in person.) Hentai Dude is a very witty and humorous rapper, where he raps about anime girls.

(Via Bandcamp)

I started listening to his stuff on Youtube regularly, and eventually found myself going to his Soundcloud and listening to the other material he posts as well as the songs he liked by other artists. Hentai Dude opened up a new door for me in regards to anime music. Some of my friends think it is strange that I admire Hentai Dude. He is the complete opposite of my crush type as well as the majority of the 2D and 3D crushes on this list. He could even be considered the “dark horse” of the list.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one though. I think hundreds of girls and boys like him too. So I don’t feel that weird about having him as my “celebrity internet crush.”

Aside from his anime girl rap lyrics, I do listen to his more serious stuff on SoundCloud. Sometimes I read the lyrics, and try to analyze the complexity of the feelings and emotions in the song (this is something I do for like all the rap songs I like). Anyways, I just want to share to you all that he is a clever lyricist and has a nice voice. He should consider a career in broadcasting or something.

So there you have it: my “Men I Love The Most” list. I hope you enjoy reading this post and got a good laugh out of it. I very much enjoyed writing it. It is as if I wrote this post from a diary entry.

Anyways, the overall moral lesson to this post is that it is okay to fangirl about your 2D and 3D celebrity crushes. I think having a crush or a secret admiration for someone is one of the greatest things we can do as humans.

(Via Giphy)

So I am going to post my nominees for the Free Spirit Award in another post. Also, if you feel overwhelmed due to the amount of fangirling and awesome, manly, and handsome 2D and 3D men, here is a song to amuse yourself with.

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  1. I think the first time I saw the CN Blue’s lead singer was in You’re Beautiful. I was rooting for him in that drama, until he did the stalk and call thing. Then it became slightly creepy lol.

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