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Meeting the Artist Alex Lee and My Thoughts on Blue Cat Cafe

blue cat cafe
(Via Tapastic)

Blue Cat Cafe (2015)

By Alex Lee

First of all, I like to dedicate this blog post to my friend, Emma. She was anticipating a post about Blue Cat Cafe for a while now, and here it is.

There is a story behind why I am writing a blog post on this particular webtoon. My friend, Emma and I actually met the writer and artist of Blue Cat Cafe, Alex Lee, at Fanime 2015.

His art booth was very appealing to the eyes; which displayed various colored prints of his webtoon, Blue Cat Cafe. Emma and I knew we wanted to buy something of his because his art style was cool and way up our alley. We wished that we had more money to buy the bigger prints, but we didn’t. (If Alex Lee comes to Fanime again, I will definitely buy some of his larger prints.) Alex suggested that we buy the postcards set for $10, so we each ended up getting a set. Alex signed every postcard, and after that, he asked if we could take a selfie with him. We did, and departed with a “Bahalallalala” fist pound from Big Hero 6.

When Emma and I left the booth, we realized that we should have taken a selfie with him too, using her smart phone.

“Should we?” Emma asked.

“Yes because he may not come to next year’s Fanime,” I said.

“That’s true.”

So like any new fan, we went back to his artist booth and asked if he could take another selfie with us. He agreed, and he does another “Bahalalalaa” fist pound as a goodbye to each of us.

Out of all the years I’ve been to Fanime’s Artist Alley, that was the best artist encounter I had so far. Alex Lee has such a laid back and quirky personality. My friend, Emma, took a picture of his banner that showed the website where he is publishing his webtoon. Blue Cat Cafe just recently started, but so far, it is a fun, humorous webtoon that is already getting a strong fan base.

Blue Cat Cafe is about a 20 year-old girl named Betty, who works as a barista at Blue Cat Cafe in hopes of finding “The One.” At the moment though, her chances of finding a boyfriend are slim to none. Yet, fate and a few cats bring her together with a boy that she ran into while running late to her job.

Like I said before, this webtoon is just slowly starting, but from what I read so far, it seems promising. I could only imagine what will happen next. 😀 Blue Cat Cafe is cute and adorable story. I really enjoy the art (which is what got me attracted to Alex Lee’s booth in the first place). The webtoon is in black and white, but if you are interested in the colored prints of the webtoon and his other artwork, check out his website or his Facebook page. When Emma and I met him, he told us that he outlines his drawing with colored pencils and colors the images using watercolors.

If you are interested in reading Blue Cat Cafe, check it out here.


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