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6 Moments When I Realized Chi-Chan From Love Is Like A Cocktail Is Really Me

© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

Love Is Like A Cocktail (お酒は夫婦になってから, Osake wa Fufu ni Natte kara)  

(Anime 2017)

Created By Crystal na Yōsuke

Studio: Creators in Pack

Note: Please drink responsibly! 

Love Is Like A Cocktail is a 3-minute anime short about a reserved and hardworking assistant manager, Chisato Mizusawa, who has a hidden secret that only her husband, Sora, knows: she enjoys drinking alcohol. And so when she comes home every night after work, she enjoys a nice alcoholic beverage while they eat dinner together. Love Is Like A Cocktail primarily focuses on the husband-wife relationship between Chisato and Sora.

© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

Thoughts on Drinking In Love Is Like A Cocktail

Each episode is titled after the alcoholic beverage that Sora makes for her. I read some discomfort about Chisato being “borderline” alcoholic and her husband is encouraging such behavior and expressing his dominance over her. I can see why viewers may find this anime upsetting, but I think otherwise. Usually in Japan and other Asian countries, men are the breadwinners and usually, it is the women who serve them a beer during dinner. Love Is Like A Cocktail breaks gender stereotypes by having Chisato as the main source of income in their household while Sora is a stay-at-home husband. They don’t have any children, and so their main priority is taking care of each other. Also, Sora doesn’t take advantage of Chisato when she’s drunk and also stops her from drinking alcohol if she’s in danger such as when she gets sick. One can see the stressful work life of Chisato and so, she deserves a drink every night after a long day.

I’m Like Chisato!

1. She’s a workaholic. When I saw the scene where she brought her work home with her and continues working nonstop until passing out definitely resembles me. If I have an assignment, I would work non-stop until I complete it or achieve my goal of what needs to get done on that day.

drunk 5.1
© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

2. She clumsy which results in sprain ankles. I can’t walk to save my life.

drunk 11.1
© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

3. She doesn’t like scary movies.

drunk 7.1
“Avoid watching the TV screen!” © Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

4. She’s awkward in small talk. (I ramble when talking to strangers especially on voice chat.)

© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

5. Although she’s smart, she can easily be gullible at times.

“She thought Sora transformed into a teddy bear.” © Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

6. She loves her drinks. I’m not an alcoholic (I promise you that) but I don’t mind having a drink amongst friends. My golden rule is I don’t drink alone or among strangers. If you just reach the legal drinking age in your country, you should have a good set of drinking rules that you have for yourself, especially if you are a girl.

“The LIFE!” © Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

Bonus: What Love Is Like A Cocktail Taught Me About The Type Of Guy I Should Marry

1. I need a guy who can carry me when I sprain my ankle. (This is like #1 in my book. I’m kidding, well kind of not.)

© Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

2. I need a guy that can make awesome alcoholic beverages which we can share together after a long and hard day.

“HUSBAND GOALS!” © Creators in Pack (Via Crunchyroll)

Love Is Like A Cocktail is a mini anime that any girl can sit down and unwind to after a long day. It’s cute, fun, and relaxing.


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  1. This was such a sleeper anime series when it aired—even I didn’t know what it was until I unknowingly binged all of it in one go. Cute series and post! Oh, and if I come across any potential drink-blending husbando heroes, I’ll be sure to send them your way!

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