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Noragami: Is Yato the Best Husbando of 2014?

(Via MyAnimeLIst)

Noragami (Anime, 2014)

By Adachitoka

Last night I decided to binge watch the entire anime series, Noragami. Iki Hiyori—a middle school student—saves a track suit wearing guy, Yato from being hit by a bus. Although she saves him, she gets struck by the bus, and transforms into a half-phantom. Hiyori befriends Yato, who is actually a god, and asks for his help to transform her back to a normal human.

I had no intention of watching it, but I decided to because the main protagonist, Yato, was named the “Greatest Husbando of 2014” according to GoBoiano! If you do not know what the slang term, “husbando” means, according to Wiktionary, it is “a male anime or video game character that one considers as their husband or lover.” So when GoBoiano! announced the winner, I was somewhat disappointed that it was Yato from Noragami. Now I didn’t vote at all because I’m not a fan of taking surveys or polls on websites, but I did wonder why he is appealing to anime fans? There were other amazing and more worthy candidates to be deemed “Greatest Husbando of 2014.” For example, Sebastian from Black Butler, Makoto Tachibana from Free!, Mikihiko Yoshida from The Irregular at Magic High School, and Hak from Akatsuki no Yona. Yet rather than completely disagreeing with the poll, I decided to watch Noragami to see why Yato is the greatest husbando in 2014, and to figure out why women and men find him so ideal and attractive.

(Via MyAnimeLIst)

While watching the first episode of Noragami, I didn’t find Yato as physical appealing in comparison to the other male anime characters I’ve seen.  (And yes, I don’t mind judging fictitious anime characters in physical attractiveness.) The only thing that I found physical appealing is Yato’s deep blue eyes, which is highly emphasized throughout the anime. However, his overall facial appearance isn’t attractive. I couldn’t help but picture a kid with an angry face all the time. In addition, he wears sweatpants with a matching track jacket and a “fluffy” white scarf. That outfit has laziness written all over it.

As for Yato’s personality, he is indeed lazy. In fact, he doesn’t have a stable job to make income for himself and Yukine. As a result, Yukine is forced to act as a breadwinner and work at Kofuku and Daikoku’s shrine. Also, Yato acts very egotistical and self-absorb; in which he fantasizes about building a shrine where he can flirt with women and drink booze all day long. Now honestly, is that “husband” material for you? I hope not.

Yet maybe one of the reasons why fans would vote for Yato is because he holds immense power as the god of war/calamity. However, as viewers, we are reminded that Yato has no shrine or any followers. He is at the rock bottom in the god food chain and is working on getting believers by helping people grant their wishes.

Noragami 2
(Via MyAnimeLIst)

Although I listed many factors towards why Yato shouldn’t be labeled “The Greatest Husbando of 2014,” it wasn’t until I finished the series that I found the probable main reason why audiences found him the most ideal husbando. The answer is loyalty in friendship. When Yukine was acting out and committing crimes, Yato didn’t abandon him. Yato allowed Yukine to continue hurting him by letting the sinful, dark marks spread throughout his body. Even when other Shinki suggests that Yukine should be killed, Yato was reluctant to do so because he still believed that Yukine is good and will remain loyal to him. Another example of loyalty is when Hiyori loses her memories, and Yato and Yukine were willing to fight Rabou and Nora to retrieve it back. Due to his loyalty to his friends, I could see why Yato is the “greatest husbando” because you know you can count on him to have your back.

7 thoughts on “Noragami: Is Yato the Best Husbando of 2014? Leave a comment

  1. This “husbando” concept is new to me, but I can say that Yato was a character I really enjoyed. He was certainly a complete goof and his laid-back personality was rather extreme at times, but he was, at his core, an incredibly loyal and trusting god, as you said. His shining traits were his strength and loyalty. He never gave up and Yukine, and would never give up on Hiyori, he’s just that kinda friend. And he’s also a total beast, I mean I really loved the whole “god of calamity” thing. He hid it so well and showed that even the most fierce warriors can choose love and friendship over violence/power.

    Thanks for the chance to rant
    Till next time,

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    • Haha, no problem. Rant all you want.

      The “husbando” term is similar to a “waifu” (I’m not sure if you heard of that term either, but it is more common).

      I think Yato would be a good friend to have. 🙂

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  2. Yato is, like, one of my ultimate anime crushes ever. He’s so goofy and comedic, but at once serious.. well, at least, he shows he can be (*recalls his serious stare* *dies*).

    Enjoyed your post very much. I disagree on one point, though: I find Yato very attractive physically, too, overall, not just because he has deep blue eyes. 😀 Hahahaha!

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