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Puppy Love: Thoughts on A Good Day to be a Dog

A Good Day to be a Dog (오늘도 사랑스럽개)

(Webtoon 2017-2019)

By Lee Hey

A Good Day to be a Dog is a South Korean webtoon by Lee Hey. In this series, Hana Han and her family are cursed: she transforms into a dog if she kisses someone, and to break the curse, she has to get a kiss by the same person as a dog.

One day, Hana gets super drunk and accidentally kisses her colleague, Seon Jin. Now, Hana has to figure out a way for Seon Jin to kiss her again as a dog, but unfortunately, Seon Jin has a fear of dogs. Hana tries her best to scheme but her plans fail.

One thing I like about this series is that it is set at a high school. Rather than focusing on students, the main leads are teachers. It’s a refreshing change to the “school life” genre elements I know about from other readings. We get to see the “high school drama” that teachers deal with, which in this case is a secret romance between Seon Jin and Hana. What’s cute is that everyone seems to know that the two teachers like each other but the two are completely unaware that the feelings are mutual. As a result, their colleagues try their best to set them up. The development of their relationship is so natural. Seon Jin and Hana take their time in trying to understand one another, especially their imperfections, secrets, and trauma.

A Good Day to be a Dog focuses on a family curse that has been around from generation to generation. We learn that this curse happened after one of Hana’s ancestors made a selfish choice that caused a mountain spirit to lose his lover. Thus, every generation of Hana’s family will have to pay the price over a mistake that their ancestors made, even though they are innocent. This series shows the dangers of grudges and how it can impact familial relationships.

I highly recommend this series for people that are just starting to get into webtoons. It’s a modern-day romance but with a spice of supernatural.

You can read the series on Webtoon.


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