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Snippets of Love: Thoughts on Ao-chan Can’t Study, Senryu Girl, and My Sweet Tyrant

These mini anime shorts are adorable and charming.

(Via Crunchyroll)

Ao-chan Can’t Study (淫らな青ちゃんは勉強ができない)

(Anime 2019)

Studio: Silver Link & Sentai Filmworks

Ao-chan is a studious high school student who is trying to get into an elite university far away from home so that she doesn’t have to live with her father, an erotic novelist. However, her study schedule gets interrupted when a boy from her class, Takumi Kijima, starts hanging out with her. It just so happens that Takumi Kijima has a major crush on her and is trying to win her heart.

The only takeaway I got from this drama is that boys are a distraction towards one education. This statement is true unless you know how to manage your time wisely.

This is a fun series to watch because Ao-chan uses her father’s erotic novels to teach her about romance and guys. Yet, it backfires, and instead, she ends up making a complete fool of herself. Ao-chan argues that Takumi Kijima is a huge pervert, but in reality, she is no different.

(Via Crunchyroll)

Senryu Girl (川柳少女)

(Anime 2019)

Studio: Connect & Sentai Filmworks

This series focuses on the relationship between Nanako Yukishiro and Eiji Busujima; both are part of the literature club. Throughout the entire anime, Nanako doesn’t say a single word: she communicates through senryu poetry written on tanzaku. Eiji is a misunderstood guy: everyone thinks he is a delinquent because of his intimidating face, but he’s actually a soft-hearted guy who likes to read poetry.

At first, I thought this series would be a harem because it’s one guy interacting with several girls who all seem to be part of the literature club. However, this isn’t the case. Everyone in this series is trying to set up Nanako and Eiji. They are both shy and do not know how to confess their feelings to each other, but through senryu, they can communicate such feelings.

The first reason as to why I enjoyed this series is because they talk about classical Japanese poetry and the second reason is that Nanako and Eiji are so adorable. I was hoping that the last episode would be about them finally getting together, but sadly, it wasn’t.

(Via Crunchyroll)

My Sweet Tyrant (あっくんとカノジョ)

(Anime 2018)

Studio: Yumeta Company & Crunchyroll

My Sweet Tyrant or Akkun to Kanojo focuses on the relationship between the optimistic and cheery girl, Non “Nontan” Katagiri and the cold-hearted tsundere, Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari. Even though Akkun acts all stoic and nonchalant, he has a real soft spot for Non, which is borderline “creepy stalker” status because he is obsessed with her and worships her as if she is a true angel from heaven.

I was actually more invested in Akkun’s sister, Chiho Kagari, and his best friend, Masago Matsuo. There was some development in their relationship as it is implied that Chiho has developed some affection towards Masago Matsuo. However, I didn’t really enjoy watching the relationship between Takumi Kubomura and Konagi Irie, which was the typical teacher-student crush dynamic. That relationship was rather annoying and bland to me.

These are just three light-hearted, slice of life romantic comedies that you can enjoy when you are just waiting in line or sitting on the bus or train.

All of them were a 5/5.

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  1. The only one of these three that I’ve seen was Senryu Girl and it was awesome. Nanako and Eiji have a wonderful dynamic and the supporting characters were all fun to watch as well. The short episode format was perfect for this series. I felt satisfied with the short stories which is rare for short form series as many tend to leave things out due to the short run time. Glad to see that you talked about this series!

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