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“Being a Wife of a Ghost Doesn’t Sound Too Bad…” – Thoughts on Ghost Wife

(Via Webtoon)

Ghost Wife ( Webtoon 2016-2019)

By Saejung

Ghost Wife is a South Korean horror and romance webtoon. It focuses on the life of a high school girl named Elizabeth Kim who ends up becoming the wife of a ghost, Damon. (Although he’s labeled as a “ghost,” he has supernatural powers and rules the forest so I would say he’s like a demigod.)

The series is structured to have several story arcs where Elizabeth encounters other ghosts and spirits, both good and bad. She becomes friends with some of these spirits, but most of the time, Damon is the one that kills them in order to save her. However,  most of the time, Elizabeth is learning how to adapt to Damon’s world of ghosts and spirits since they are in a relationship.

In the beginning, I was hooked to this series because I thought that there would be some overarching demon that will split them apart and so they must defeat it, but that’s not what happened. Instead, we get a slice-of-life comedy that involves some sort of adventure involving a spirit. The story arcs felt a bit repetitive and anti-climatic. I think the only story arc that I enjoyed was when I found out that Damon met Elizabeth in a past life and so he waits for her every time she is reborn because he loves her that much.

However, I did like the epilogue when we find out that Elizabeth and Damon got married and they have a son who happens to be part ghost and part human. I am curious as to what happens to him but the author doesn’t go into detail about it. We are also left with an open-ended ending where we aren’t sure whether or not Elizabeth and Damon get reunited.

You can read this series on Webtoon.


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  1. oh when saw the title i thought it was about the Cdrama “ghost bride” and it seems they have similar plots…. gonna look for this webtoon and check it out ^^

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