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OWLS: “Failure?” – More Like Late To The Party

So I am usually the person that does things on time whenever there is a deadline. However, this time around, I failed to do so. It’s ironic though since this prompt is all about failure and I actually did something that’s uncharacteristic of me.

Here’s the November prompt, Failure:

One of the best ways we can learn is through failure. This month we will be talking about the failures of our favorite characters in pop culture media and what we can learn from them. We will also reflect on our own mistakes and failures and how those experiences have allowed us to grow as human beings.

I honestly found this hilarious that out of all the prompts I created I missed the deadline for this one. One way we look at failure is when we mess up or make a mistake and learn from it. However, in this case, I would like to address that failure can happen when you have too many commitments that you can’t keep up with everything. And that’s what happened to me.

Lately, my personal life has taken over and I don’t really have much time for my blog. (I will come back to my blog soon though!) Yet, even though I see it that way, some people may think otherwise because I failed to keep a promise. In fact, failing to meet deadlines is a pet peeve of mine when others do it to me, and even when I don’t make my deadlines, I somehow feel like I let down a lot of people. However, I am learning to be accepting when it comes to not meeting deadlines, just as long as you don’t make it a habit and that you have a valid reason as to why you couldn’t make a deadline. In this case, I do. Lol.

(Via MyAnimeList)

However, this failure to make deadlines isn’t due to procrastination but rather that I have so much on my plate right now. Having a lot on my plate isn’t a bad thing, instead, I see it as trying to do so much to benefit from my career and future plans. Also, I could see this aspect of me within a few anime characters.

Lately, I’ve been watching some anime while on break. The first anime I watched was Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life (この音とまれ!, “Stop at This Sound!”), which is a music anime about a koto club that’s in shambles but trying to rebuild itself. The main character, Chika Kudo, is viewed as a delinquent in society because it was rumored that he was responsible for destroying his grandpa’s koto shop, and he also has gotten into a lot of fights when he was in middle school. Chika is trying to rebuild his image by joining the koto club in honor of his grandpa. I view Chika’s ambitions as a way for him to create a better image of himself onto others, and also the koto gives him the motivation to seek a better life for himself. The other anime I am watching is My Hero Academia. I couldn’t help but relate to Izuku Midoriya, who wants to be a hero despite not being born with a quirk. He didn’t give up on his dream and received the opportunity to become an actual hero, though.

(Via MyAnimeList)

In regards to these two characters, Chika Kudo and Izuku Midoriya, have dreams and they will do whatever they can to make those dreams happen even if others think they will fail. I, myself, can relate to these characters because I want to become something great when it involves my future career goals and I would embrace every opportunity that comes my way to achieve those goals.

So, the way I see it is that failure is an opportunity where you learn, reflect, and grow. Failure can happen to anyone, and it can especially happen when you have so much on your plate that you can’t fulfill everything on your to-do list. Failure is what motivates us to do better. We shouldn’t fear it but embrace it.

Furthermore, here are some other posts about failure: Takuto and Scott.

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