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London is Burning: Thoughts on Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth

code realize
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Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth  (Anime 2017)

Studio: M.S.C

So I finally completed the anime Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth which is based on an otome game of the same name. The only reason why I watched this series is because of the fact that it is an otome/reverse harem.

Set in London, during Queen Victoria’s reign, Cardia carries a deadly poison that allows her to melt anything that touches her skin. She ends up living in an abandoned mansion, isolated from people. One day, the Royal Guards attempt to capture her since she is a threat to society, but Cardia was saved by Arsène Lupin and his misfit crew. Cardia and Lupin’s team end up joining forces to find her father.

The only reason why I watched this series is that it’s basically a reverse harem filled with handsome men who promise to protect a lovely woman. Now, I am glad that this otome series actually had a story with a conclusion: Cardia was able to live a normal life and be with the one she loves, Arsène Lupin. Whenever it comes to anime based off of otome games, I always judge these series on whether they have a concrete romantic storyline or problem that the main female protagonist must overcome as opposed to just a story showcasing fanservice to women. Usually, I’ve seen otome anime where the main female protagonist doesn’t select any guy but chooses to remain the object of affection to every guy. I hate those series because it feels like I wasted my time watching a show with no solid conclusion. For me, a solid conclusion is when the female protagonist has some resolution. Luckily, this series had a romantic conclusion. So I am satisfied with that.

The only thing that I found unique about this series is that the male characters were named after literary characters such as Abraham Van Helsing and Victor Frankenstein. I always enjoy a series that brings literature to life. Furthermore, we can also situate Cardia’s situation of not being able to touch people similar to Rogue from X-men. Both characters desire to feel human touch but their inability to touch prevents them from doing so and it makes them feel isolated and depressed from others. Yet, it takes a courageous person like Gambit or Arsène Lupin to look past the physical and into the soul of a person.

Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth isn’t a series I would recommend for otome-anime fans. The storyline pace was slow for me, and I was annoyed at one of the main antagonist, this little boy, Finis, who has major abandonment and daddy issues.

You can watch Code:Realize – Guardian of Rebirth on Crunchyroll.


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