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Kiss & Tell (Maybe?): Thoughts on Kiss Me Again

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Kiss Me Again (2018)

On my blog, there has been an increase in views on a particular post about a Thai series entitled Kiss The Series. Kiss The Series had a second season called Kiss Me Again,  which serves as a prequel to the original series. This prequel focuses on the love lives of Sanrak and Sandee’s sisters: Sansuay, Sanson, and Sanwan. Also, this show reveals how Sandee’s friends, Pete and Kao, got together which was a side story in the original series.

Overall, I thought the writers did a great job in integrating the previous series with the new one. We had the opportunity to see how the old cast members interacted with one another prior to them getting together. In fact, the best storyline is between Pete and Kao because the viewers got to see how their relationship came into fruition. Like in the original series, we see them fight a lot and that’s mainly because they were uncertain about their feelings for each other and how they define their sexual and gender identities. I think this series captures the issues young adults face when they question their identities: both, Kao and Pete, had a difficult time accepting their feelings for each other because they were too scared about what other people may think or say about them. In the end, though, they learned to accept their feelings and they gained the courage to be in a relationship despite being judged by society.  I think the best moment was when Pete’s father was accepting of their relationship. Kao and Pete both feared what their families would think of them since same-sex couples are still looked at as taboo. That was definitely a scene showing good parenting.

Before I discuss the love stories amongst the sisters, I would like to praise the family and sisterhood dynamics within the series. In each episode, you see the sisters supporting one another and also giving each other love advice. The sisterly bond was definitely present in this series as opposed to the previous series. In the previous series, there were moments when Sanrak and Sandee bonded with one another, but they mainly focused on their own lives and issues. It wasn’t until at the end of the series when Sanrak shows how much she cares for Sandee. Now, I kind of wished that the other sisters guest starred in the previous series since they were mentioned numerous times.

However, I did feel that the love lines between all the sisters were a bit bland. The first relationship I will talk about is between the youngest sister, Sanwan and R. This was the only relationship that Sanwan’s mother was involved in because she wanted her daughter to have a social life as opposed to just focusing on school all the time. Yet, R is a narcissistic playboy and is the complete opposite of Sanwan. This relationship was a bit annoying: R would constantly tease Sanwan as if they were still in grade school. I also didn’t like the fact that he pushed her into the swimming pool and just watched her drown as she tries to grab the ledge. In my opinion, no guy deserves you if he does that.

As for the second oldest sister, Sanson, she ends up using a guy, Matt, as a social experiment for her paper about LGBTQ studies without his consent. In fact, Matt’s mother was concerned that he was gay and Sanson was used as a spy to confirm his mother’s suspicions. It’s pretty shady what Sanson did, but the two of them were able to sort out their misunderstanding and they start to fall for one another. However, Sanson competes for Matt’s affection with Matt’s best friend, Pat, who happened to be gay. I wasn’t really a fan of their onscreen chemistry, but I do like the fact that Sanson wasn’t boy crazy annoying. When it comes to guys, she lets them chase her and when she isn’t interested in a guy, she would be blunt enough to show her disinterest. Out of all the sisters, she was the calm, cool, and collective one.

Unlike the other two relationships, the eldest sister’s romance issues were more realistic. So is Sansuay’s ex-boyfriend and they left each other on bad terms. However, So still has feelings for Sansuay and he tries his best to win her heart. I enjoyed her love story the most because out of all the three sisters’ love stories, this one is relatable to the audience because we know someone or have personally experienced the desire to rekindle a romance from a past flame.

Overall, it wasn’t as great as the first series, but it was enjoyable.


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