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You’ll Grow On Me: Thoughts on Love At First Hate

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Love at First Hate (มารร้ายคู่หมายรัก)

(Drama 2018)

I’m a huge fan of the Thai actress, Mook Worranit Thawornwong. She has this innocent and kind aura around her so she plays the “princess” role quite well.

In this series, Mook Worranit Thawornwong plays a famous actress, Kluay, who gets caught in a scandal involving a young doctor, Dr. Pup (Son Yuke Songpaisan). She ends up having a “fake” marriage with him in order to protect her reputation. Eventually, they fall in love with one another and their fake marriage manifests into something real.

Love At First Hate is a play on words with the saying, “love at first sight.” The title of this series is in reference to the first time the two met each other. They had an awkward moment together when Dr. Pup took a picture of the sea but Kluay was unintentionally in the frame. Thinking it was intentional, Kluay confronts Dr. Pup and demands he delete the picture. The two start off on the wrong foot: Dr. Pup thinks Kluay is spoiled and self-centered while Kluay thinks Dr. Pup is a narcissistic playboy. Yet, it is later revealed that Dr. Pup really did fall in love with Kluay the moment he saw her.

Son Yuke Songpaisan and Mook Worranit Thawornwong have great chemistry together, but their chemistry reminded me of Mook and Puttichai Kasetsin in Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match. In both series, there was an innocent and pure female lead and a flirtatious male lead.

The main antagonist in this series is Kluay’s step-sister, Ploy, who has an inferiority complex against her. Ploy tries to damage Kluay’s reputation by spreading rumors about Kluay and her relationship with Dr. Pup. This leads to Kluay trying to cover up any rumors through little white lies. Ploy tries to expose Kluay for being a liar but her plans end up backfiring. I believe karma plays a role as to why Ploy’s plans end up foiling. Ploy intentionally hurts her sister who hasn’t committed any ill-will towards her.

Love at First Hate is a cute romantic comedy. The storyline is pretty simple and is like other opposite attract series, but what makes this drama fun is the chemistry between the two leads.


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  1. Thank you for this! I find it very informative. I have just recently discovered that Thai dramas are as good as K-drama. I binge watched U-Prince: Handsome Cowboy, Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match and I’m currently halfway through Ugly Duckling: Don’t. I will watch this one very soon =)

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