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“I’m an Adventurer.” Thoughts on Goblin Slayer Episodes 10 – 12

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Goblin Slayer (ゴブリンスレイヤー)

(Anime 2018)

Created By Kumo Kagyu & Noboru Kannatuki

I finally watched the last episodes of Goblin Slayer! Here is the last installment of my impressions. 

Rest & Relaxation – Episode 10: “Dozing”

Episode 10 was another chill episode. In the opening scene, we see glimpses of the Goblin Slayer’s past involving his friend, the Cow Girl. After that, the Goblin Slayer and the Cow Girl enter the town to run some errands. The Cow Girl witnesses how popular the Goblin Slayer has become: he now has a party to go do quests with as opposed to working alone.

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This episode gave some closure to the previous episode. We get a letter from the Sword Maiden. She claims that her goblin nightmares have disappeared, hinting that she is slowly overcoming her fear of goblins.

The ending of this episode has a self-reflecting tone to it. The Cow Girl contemplates what will the Goblin Slayer do after he stops slaying goblins. What will be his next life’s purpose because his body can’t keep this up forever?  At the end of this episode, though, it is revealed that goblins were lurking near the farmhouse. This isn’t a surprise because, throughout the series, the Goblin Slayer was constantly checking for any goblin sightings around the farm. By doing so, this action hints to the viewers the possibility that goblins may attack the farm in the near future. Now, the time has come in which the goblins arrived at the farm; hence, it will be the focal point in the upcoming episodes.

Rewind – Episode SP: “Adventure Sheet”

This is just a recap episode that isn’t really necessary and it is told from the perspective of the Cow Girl. There’s nothing of importance in this episode.

Rallying the Troops! – Episode 11: “A Gathering of Adventurers”

In Episode 10, we learned that a herd of goblins is planning to attack the farm. The Goblin Slayer went to the guild house asking for assistance. At first, none of the adventurers wanted to join him because there was no reward involved, but eventually, many guild members agree to help him after the Goblin Slayer said that the reward would be everything he has which showed his sincerity.

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This scene made me wondered why we, as humans, always seem to set a price tag on doing good deeds. What I meant by that is the following statement: “If I do this service for you, I expect something in return.” Sometimes I wonder whether or not we can do a good deed without expecting anything in return. In this case, although there were adventurers that agreed to help out regardless of a reward, a majority of them were still expecting some form of payment. Luckily, the guild house gladly agreed to pay some money for every goblin an adventurer killed.

Like most episodes in this series, the fight scenes continue to be very suspenseful and intense for me, which I enjoy a lot. And so, I am hoping for an epic conclusion.

Onward to the Next Adventure! – Episode 12: “The Fate of an Adventurer”

For this episode, I would like to start off with the fact that we are ending with the episode subtitle, “The Fate of an Adventurer,” which references back to the first episode entitled, “The Fate of Particular Adventurers.” In Episode 1, we were dealing with a group of adventurers who naively went into a cave to slay goblins, but they ended up killed or traumatized. By using the word, “particular,” it focuses on what happened to a specific group of adventurers. However, in the last episode, “The Fate of an Adventurer,” we are focused on one specific adventurer, the Goblin Slayer. Since this is the last episode, we wonder whether or not he will survive? And if he does survive, what will the future have in store for him? These questions are reflective of the questions that the Cow Girl asked in Episode 10.

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In the end, the Goblin Slayer saves the farm and everyone celebrates their efforts and contributions to the cause at the guild house. In this scene, though, there are two instances that contribute to the growth of our main protagonist, the Goblin Slayer and his fate as an adventurer. He tells his childhood friend, the Cow Girl, that he wants to become an adventurer. Now, in the beginning, he has the “title” of a silver ranked adventurer but he never acknowledged the title since all he focused on was killing goblins, and his fellow colleagues didn’t acknowledge his skills and abilities. However, now he wants to be an adventurer after everyone helped him save the farm and so, he’s going to encompass the role of an adventurer that he ignored for a long time (taking quests that aren’t just to exterminate goblins, to join different guild parties, and etc.)

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The second incident I would like to discuss is the fact that the Goblin Slayer took off his helmet at the request of The Priestess. She asked the Goblin Slayer to take off his helmet as a reward. By doing so, all the adventurers were able to see the Goblin Slayer’s face for the first time. I think this is a sign of vulnerability because he’s allowing everyone to see his physical identity which he shielded before. His armor was a shield, allowing him to hide and not be close to anyone. Now that he took his helmet off, he’s showing that he trusts people and is willing to communicate with others—face to face—rather than being a lone wolf. (Although as a viewer, we didn’t get to see his face which is a running gag throughout the series.)

Overall, I really enjoyed Goblin Slayer. There were some pretty graphic scenes, but it was balanced with some light-hearted characters. I am looking forward to the next season as indicated at the end with “Goblin Slayer will return….”

You can watch this series on Crunchyroll.

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