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“He’s A Real G”: Thoughts on Goblin Slayer Episodes 5 – 8

Goblin Slayer (ゴブリンスレイヤー)

(Anime 2018)

Created By Kumo Kagyu & Noboru Kannatuki

I have invested time into this series and I’m planning on finishing it.

“Gotta Pay My Dues Before I Go Goblin Slaying” – Episode 5: “Adventures and Daily Life”

Episode 5 was just a filler episode since the previous episode was more serious (gotta cool off after an adventure). There isn’t much to discuss in this episode except for the fact that it has been confirmed that the Guild Girl has a major crush on the Goblin Slayer. She made a move in this episode by requesting his assistance in the adventurer promotion tests.

© White Fox & Crunchyroll

The second thing we needed to take away from this episode is the mentioned of the character, Sword Maiden because she stopped the original Demon Lord and she specifically requested the help of the Goblin Slayer at the end of this episode.

A New Quest – Episode 6: “Goblin Slayer in the Water Town”

The Goblin Slayer recruited the Priestess and the other party members for this quest given by the Sword Maiden. We see the Goblin Slayer slowly opening up to people as he isn’t a solo adventurer anymore but has a guild. In fact, he actually listens to his guild members as they advise him to figure out other economical means for killing goblins that don’t require fire, poison, and water.

© White Fox & Crunchyroll

The purpose of this episode was to set up the bigger quest that lies ahead. It’s revealed that there’s a mastermind who allowed goblins to infiltrate the sewer system because someone must have taught the goblins how to use boats and these goblins were unaware of the giant crocodile living in the sewers.

Until the Day I Die – Episode 7: “Onward Unto Death”

At the beginning of this episode, we see the Priestess and the Sword Maiden talking to one another in a communal bath setting. I would like to note that the Priestess and Sword Maiden not only look alike but they both experience being tormented or witnessing the torment by goblins. There’s definitely a strong connection being built between the two characters.

© White Fox & Crunchyroll

Also, the Sword Maiden gave a subtle foreshadowing of the possibility that the Goblin Slayer might not be around the Priestess anymore, which cause the Priestess to feel a bit concerned about the well-being of the Goblin Slayer. This overthinking leads to the party almost getting killed by a crowd of goblins because she was unable to concentrate on her protection spell. I’m a bit disappointed that the Sword Maiden ruined the Priestess “A Game” when it comes to fighting after she was badass in the previous episodes.

Luckily, the Goblin Slayer went on this adrenaline rush frenzy and defeated the Champion Goblin and it’s revealed that he has a magical power in his eye. The team was lucky enough to come out of there alive but at the cost of the Priestess and the Goblin Slayer’s health.

Spiritual Rejuvenation – Episode 8: “Whispers and Prayers and Chants”

In this episode, we get a dream sequence of how the Goblin Slayer trained to become the Goblin Slayer we know (and love) today. We found out that he was trained by a “Master.” The “Master” taught the young Goblin Slayer an important lesson about how he must make decisive actions and once he does, he would surely win as courage, wisdom, and determination will guide him.

© White Fox & Crunchyroll

Once he awakens, we learned that the Priestess and the Sword Maiden did an ancient ritual to resurrect the Goblin Slayer. It’s implied that those three slept together. Also, it’s revealed that the Sword Maiden was tortured by goblins which resulted in all her body scars and her partial blindness. Thus, she has a great fear of goblins.

© White Fox & Crunchyroll

This episode was more of a “chill” episode as we see the Priestess and the Goblin Slayer bonding with one another as the rest of the group continued to explore the sewers. Yet in the end, they encounter a strange eye creature and they must kill it in order to explore the mysterious mirror that the eye was guarding.

These episodes were mainly fillers in order to set up the main conflict that possibly the last few episodes will focus on, which is to figure out and stop the mastermind that has been placing goblins in the city.

You can watch Goblin Slayer on Crunchyroll and check out my thoughts on the previous episodes (1 – 4) here.

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