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Snow White & Her Seven Dwarfs: Thoughts on Secret Seven

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Secret Seven

(Drama 2017)

Warning: Spoilers!

Secret Seven is a Thailand romantic comedy that somewhat loosely mirrors the story of Snow White. In fact, there is one episode where they mention Snow White and her seven dwarfs. I was interested in watching this show because some of the actors and the main girl were part of the U-Prince series and they were pretty adorable to watch there. However, this drama took me by surprise in regards to the main storyline. You would assume that it would be the typical reverse harem series where one girl is pampered by several guys, and although it is, the plot developed in a mystery romance that is entertaining and engaging to audience members. 

Padlom (Sutatta Udomsilp) creates a new club on campus called the 90s Music Appreciation Club but is forced to share the club room with another new club, the Non-Human Photography Club. One day, Padlom finds a bear in her locker with a love confession. She suspects it’s one of the seven guys in the club room. Now, Padlom must figure out who her secret admirer is that’s giving her presents and sending messages to her on Facebook.

Despite this Thai drama being a reverse harem, the storyline is pretty fun and engaging to viewers. As a viewer, you would watch each episode and find clues to support your pick for Padlom’s secret admirer. I was actually rooting for one guy but it turns out that he wasn’t the one. Also, like a good mystery, they even have plots and twists that were completely unexpected.

I’m not going to give the ending away because I think this is a drama that you should watch for yourself but I will give you the overall message that this drama seems to convey to its audience about love. In order to properly court someone, you can show your affection in three different ways. The first way is showering the girl with various gifts to win her heart. The second method is sweet-talking her with positive messages and compliments. And the last method is showing your affection through actions, particularly subtle acts of kindness to get her attention and appreciation. In this drama, each male suitor shows their affection in a combination of these three methods but it’s confusing because you aren’t sure if they are sincere or just being friendly. Yet that’s what makes this drama relatable because people give mix signals all the time that it’s confusing. You are just not sure whether or not someone likes you or is just being nice.

Anyways, Secret Seven is a cute college romance series. You should check it out when you have downtime. 🙂


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