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Kiss & Tell (Not Really): Thoughts on Kiss The Series

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Kiss The Series (2016)

I’ve dabbled in Thai drama series but I haven’t really written a concrete post about one on my blog until now. The Thai series I will be discussing is Kiss The Series: Pink & Natural. It’s a 16 episode drama targeting to teen and college viewers.

The story centers on the lives of two sisters both attending university, Sanrak (Thawornwong Worranit) and Sandee (Jiravechsoontornkul Lapalal). Sanrak is currently interning at Charisma magazine. In her first few days of her internship, she has a difficult time in adjusting to her position as she constantly is making mistakes and getting criticized for it. Also, Sanrak’s current relationship is spiraling downward as she catches her boyfriend cheating on her with someone else.

As for her younger sister, Sandee, she ends up having a one-night stand with her best friend, Thada (Thawornwong Jirakit). Things get complicated between the two and Sandee must pick between Thada and Thew.

First off, I want to say that Thai dramas aren’t as thorough when it comes to storyline development as they often tend to cut corners and they have the most cheesy lines and dramatic moments, especially in their romance series. For this particular show, I found Sanrak’s storyline to be a bit dull. I didn’t really like the developing love story between her and Na (Phiangphor Sarasathapheng) as it is a bit rushed and overdramatic. In fact, the transitioning between scenes wasn’t great overall. There are multiple scenes that came out randomly without any explanation and it is up to the viewer to “piece” together what’s going on. Also, I found Sanrak’s character to be a bit annoying as she’s weak in the sense that she depends on a man. For example, she naively trusts and forgives her boyfriend even though she has evidence of him cheating and being abusive.

However, I found Sandee and Thada’s love line more appealing and interesting. It was believable to me because they go through some relatable relationship issues. Sandee is put in a position of being “knocked up”— a taboo in many countries—and has to figure out how she will tell her family and also, she is aware that her reputation is ruined. These are issues that are relatable to any female viewer, no matter what country they reside in. Furthermore, I did like the fact that her best friend, Thada, wasn’t a jerk about it. He supported Sandee’s decisions. My favorite scene was when Thada was powerless and vulnerable after Sandee’s family finally heard the news. It is at that moment where I felt the level of his pain and maturity. Thada wants to be helpful but he doesn’t know how to and his realization of that makes that scene particularly empathetic to the audience.

On a side note, I actually suffered from the second lead syndrome. Both Thada and Thew  (Kengkarnka Kunchanuj) were great guys for Sandee. In fact, if I were in Sandee’s position, I wouldn’t know who to pick. Both guys were very gentlemanly and treated Sandee with such care and affection. I appreciated these types of princely characters in this series (not all of them were great though like Sanrak’s ex-boyfriend).

Another aspect of the show I like is the storyline between Sandee’s friends, Kao and Pete. It kind of a plot surprise but one that ‘s worth mentioning. It turns out later in the series that Kao and Pete were secretly dating. I like how Kao and Pete expose the harsh conditions of “coming out” especially when you are living in a much more conservative culture. However, it’s great for viewers to be exposed and aware of a changing global view on gender. Personally, I feel like Thai dramas do a great job in creating shows geared towards the LGTB & Queer communities—they have plenty of romance shows focus on homosexual relationships. So if you are interested, go check one out! 🙂

At first, I was engaged with this series but halfway through it, I found myself bored of it. In fact, I started skipping scenes, particularly Sanrak’s storyline because it wasn’t that interesting later on. Kiss The Series is pretty cheesy and I don’t recommend it for everyone, especially if you don’t like that type of romance.



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  1. Have seen a couple of Thai horror and action films, but never watched a Thai drama. Maybe it’s time to start doing that sometime. Although this one doesn’t seem like a good one to start with 😂

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    • Oh man. Thai dramas are a lot different from Korean dramas. They are a bit more cheesier than the Korean ones. I think I would recommend to you the Thai movie, “A Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It’s one of my favorites. If you can handle that level of cheesy than I’m sure you can handle other ones.

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  2. I accidentally ventured in Thai dramas and now totally transitioned from Korean, Taiwanese and Chinese dramas. Though I don’t know any of the languages, the English subtitles help. Coming back to Kiss the series… to an extend I do agree with your observations but I do have a different take on it.

    I agree the scripting and editing seem blotching and viewers kinda have to accept it with narration provided. Sarnak’s storyline is bit weak and yes, I’m guilty of skipping over scene too. We don’t like the way her character comes through because her naivety is crosses over in stupidity and she appears dumb bimboo. In her defense, if we look around the “damsel in distress” is the most sought character. In many cultures the naive girl is pride possession and an ego boost, Sarnak’s character plays that line finely. We like Sandee because she is strong willed, no pushover, with fighting spirit yet very conscientious.

    Absolutely agree on the LGBTQ story line, in the sequel- Kiss me again Pete and Kao become the leads and their story evolves. Must watch. Unlike the Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese dramas… Thai dramas are bashfully open and ready to tackle many issues- some eg – Sotus (hazing and Gay story line), Waterboy ( teenager dealing with his father’s coming out), Side by Side (Autism.. though I believe the series / movie is also in Korean or Chinese sector). Then there is another drama dealing with teen depression.

    One interesting observation I have is- When you are watching Korean, or Chinese dramas the actors list is very monochromatic… in a generalised term they all look very similar. ( sorry, it sounds like a white man saying all Asian’s look alike), but when you look at Thai dramas there is lot of diversity. I don’t know if this because Thailand is racially/ethnically diverse. (Never been there…yet)
    For instance- Sandee can be very well casted in as an Indian or Filipina, Kao can blend in Korean cast, Pete can be casted in Indian or Sri Lankan dramas. This diversity makes Thai dramas richer. After watching both Kiss the series and Kiss me again Sandee, Pete and Kao are perfectly casted.. I cant imagine anyone else playing Pete and Kao.

    I’m unashamedly in love with Thai dramas now.


    • Sorry, I haven’t responded to this until now. I enjoy Thai dramas there this spark to them that is different from East Asian dramas and maybe it’s due to their own perspective on love and romance.


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