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Humans Vs. Titans: Thoughts On Attack On Titan Season 2

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Attack on Titan: Season 2 (進撃の巨人, Shingeki no Kyojin)

(Anime 2017)

Studio: Wit Studio & Production I.G.

Created By Hajime Isayama

I couldn’t watch this season on my own because I watched the previous season with my sister and I had to continue this series with her. So when the second season was finally completed, my sister and I binge watched it. Now, I understand the hype for the second season and how it was pretty entertaining in regards to action. However, my sister and I are still upset with the poor storyline execution. We thought that we would get some answers to our questions from season one, but what we got were more questions.

The second season continued off from where the first one ended. I was glad that we didn’t get a recap or filler episode. The animators jumped right into the story. In this season, there seemed to be a wall breach as Titans were entering Wall Rose. The Survey Corps and the rest of the military are trying to find the wall breach and plug up the hole while battling the Titans. However, their plans failed as they find out two of their scouts, Reiner and Bertholdt are actually Titans. Reiner and Bertholdt kidnap Eren and Ymir and the military goes on a manhunt to rescue them.

© Wit Studio & Production I.G.

First of all, I think the animators did a spectacular job in regards to the action sequences between the Titans and the humans especially the scene when Ymir was battling all the Titans by herself. It is during these moments where as a viewer, I was in suspense and eager to know what happened next. For this, I praise this season.

© Wit Studio & Production I.G.

However, like the first season, I still felt a bit confused in regards to the creator’s overall intentions and the message he wants to convey to readers. I feel like the plot in the anime and the manga is all over the place. We are given these subplots that seem to make the overall plot unclear, or as readers, we lose focus as to what the author’s aim is in telling this story.

The narrative is scattered: there is so much that the creator wants to convey to his audience that I feel a bit overwhelmed as to what information I should decipher as important and what should I throw away. For example, in the second season, we are introduced to new Titans and as viewers, we are focused on learning more about these mysterious Titans. As a result, the “key” that Eren mentioned in the beginning of the series goes unnoticed and we forget that storyline’s existence until it is mentioned subtly in episodes. Also, in the manga, the manga is now in a war against the government. This leads us to question who is the real enemy—Titans or the authority figures? There is too much information given to us that it’s difficult to keep track of it all. Also, how the story is conveyed in this narrative isn’t sufficient as it seems that we are given more questions than answers and I get the impression that the author will not answer all the questions he set out to. This is where I feel that the storyline fails. The narrative isn’t executed well, but this view may change once the manga is completed. My impression of Attack on Titan may change if the loose ends of the plot are tied.

© Wit Studio & Production I.G.

As for the anime, Eren still continues to annoy me especially when he was about to head into battle with the Titan that killed his mother. Prior to this scene, Reiner told Eren he can’t transform because he isn’t completely healed, but Eren didn’t listen to him and just rapidly bit himself in order to transform. Another character that kind of annoyed me is Mikasa. In the first season, I enjoyed watching her character for her badassness but in this season, she annoyed me because she lets her selfish emotions consume her. She doesn’t listen to reason but instead, she just focused on saving Eren and she’s willing to kill anyone that gets in her way, human or Titan. It is at this point where I felt that she didn’t have a sense of self anymore. Both Eren and Mikasa fail to be logical which is a sign of their immaturity and a reminder that they are still “children.” However, I do feel that their experience in the military would have made them somewhat tune into reasoning, but I guess not.

Also, the intimate scene where Eren and Mikasa establish their closeness to each other while people are fighting against Titans and dying was a bit cheesy and cliche. I thought it was unnecessary and there could have been a better way to unlock Eren’s hidden power. However, it is what it is and we can’t do anything to change that part of the narrative.

© Wit Studio & Production I.G.

As you can see, I have this strong dislike towards Eren and Mikasa. This pessimistic attitude may be the reason as to why I was rooting for the Titans and not the rest of humanity. I think the humans screwed up too much and deserve to die. Reiner and Bertholdt want a peace treaty between humans and Titans in which each species coexist but do not interact with one another. However, none of the humans seem to want to listen to their story or reasoning as they succumb to their fear and need of isolating “threats.” This kind of reminds me of what we do today in society—humans naturally fear the unfamiliar and are quick to make judgments on people different from us or what we consider normal. So when seeing the two sides put against each other, I sided with the Titans because it seems that humans have not realized the importance of understanding and reasoning especially with intelligent Titans like Reiner and Bertholdt.

My frustrations with Attack on Titan Season Two is pretty obvious from this post. However, you shouldn’t let this discourage you from continuing the series. If you invested in it, might as well finish it. Hopefully, the next season is better than this one.


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9 thoughts on “Humans Vs. Titans: Thoughts On Attack On Titan Season 2 Leave a comment

  1. I really liked this season, but I agree about the questions popping up all over the place, and not getting any answers. While there are a few revelations, there is still a lot of stuff that we don’t yet know about. I am glad that the third season is coming out next year already 😊

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    • Yeah, I’m glad that the next season is coming quickly but I do feel this marketing/advertising strategy is a bit too much. I’m like over this AoT hype and just want the story to be completed already…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Scathing post! Supporting the Titans is a novel way to view the season, but I do agree that the vast majority of humanity don’t show that they’re actually capable or even worthy of defeating the titans… but then if you’ve read the manga you’ll know that you might get your wish, for at least some of the characters…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I do think the manga will tie in the major loose ends of this storyline and some characters, but even in the manga, the structure isn’t as great. I do read it, but at a slow pace due to the structure and I’m not a huge fan of the art.

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  3. Personally, I liked this season. But you are right, there are a lot of unanswered questions but I guess it’s kinda “normal” for many anime. Eren do goes on my nerves, he’s impulsive, doesn’t think whatsoever, goes always head on and doesn’t think about consequences… I do like Mikasa, I find it normal that she “lost” it…After all, she’s still a child and she’s been tough for so long that it’s normal to come, once in a while, to a breaking point.
    You said “Reiner and Bertholdt want a peace treaty between humans and Titans in which each species coexist but do not interact with one another.”… I didn’t read the manga yet but they looked to me so selfish, only thinking of themselves. Also, they were trying to explain why are they doing what they’re doing but it just didn’t make any sense to me. They kinda pis*ed me off, especially Reiner. I am all for coexisting, no one should be feared and murder for being different, but it’s kinda hard to coexist with Titans in peace if they continue eating humans, don’t you think? They should change their diet 🙂
    Anyway, what bothered me most is that it looked like the Titans are a “product” of experiment of something of the sort, and that they used people who wouldn’t be missed (among others). That is really something I didn’t like, but we wouldn’t have a story if that didn’t happen (if I understood it right).

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