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Ghost Possession: Thoughts On Oh! Holy

(Via Line Webtoon)

Oh! Holy (오!주예수여)

(Webtoon 2015)

By Ahyun

Since childhood, Holy had a crush on Jamie but he moved away before she could confess her feelings. Now in high school, Holy clings onto Jamie in hopes that he will be aware of her feelings for him. However, Jamie is a social outcast and has a tough time talking to people. In fact, he isn’t approachable because he speaks to ghosts.

On Valentine’s Day, Holy gives Jamie a homemade cake which causes her male classmates to get jealous. One guy, Aaron, confronts Jamie about it and they fought with broomsticks. This leads to a freak accident where Holy becomes unconscious. Jamie makes a deal with a reaper to save Holy in exchange for his life. Luckily, there was a loophole and both, Jamie and Holy, live, but at the cost of Holy working alongside the Reaper and Jamie forgetting all his memories.

Oh! Holy is a quirky webtoon. The main couple’s personalities are opposite of each other. Holy is a bit eccentric and assertive. She tries to subtly convey her feelings to Jamie but her feelings are quite obvious to the public eye. While Jamie is too shy that he isn’t sure how to reciprocate her feelings. Also, he lacks self-confidence in himself—he doesn’t have any friends and people think he is weird for talking to ghosts.

My favorite character in this series is The Reaper because he’s a neutral character and there is a mysterious aura around him. This webtoon is currently ongoing but we are presented with some vital questions that will hopefully be answered later on. Such questions include why did Jamie summon The Reaper when he was younger? Who is the person that passed away in Jamie’s past prior to this storyline? These questions may not relate to Jame’s relationship with Holy, but it could answer questions about Jamie’s character—why is he the way he is.

Aside from the characterization, this webtoon has a supernatural element. After the accident, Jamie and Holy received special gifts. Holy is able to separate her soul from her physical body and Jamie’s body could be used as a vessel for ghost possession. Their supernatural gifts lead them to some predicaments, though. However, these ghost possessions actually bring the two together.

Oh! Holy is an ongoing series and you can read it on LINE Webtoon. If you like a fun supernatural comedy, check this one out.



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