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My “Imaginary” Big Gray Fluffy Dog: Thoughts on Super Secret

(Via Baka-Updates)

Super Secret

By: Eon

(Webtoon 2015 – ongoing)

Okay, the guy isn’t an imaginary big gray fluffy dog, but actually a real supernatural big gray fluffy werewolf.

Super Secret is a South Korean webtoon by Eno and it has been translated into English on Line Webtoon. The story focuses on a friendship between two neighbors, Emma and Ryan. Ryan has a lot of secrets. The first secret is that he is actually a werewolf. The second secret is that he is in love with Emma. However, it’s kind of too late to confess because Emma started dating this guy at her college, Victor, who happens to be a pureblood werewolf too.

In the English translation, there are only 45 chapters released so far, but it’s updated weekly on Line Webtoon. So my impression of this webtoon is what I have read in English as of now, and so far I like it. My friend recommended me this webtoon because right now I’m going through some romance troubles and she thought that I can definitely relate to this webtoon. The characters go through so much pain and frustration for not being able to say what they want to say to their special someone or just don’t seem to understand a person’s feelings. In other words, there’s a lot of miscommunication.

The first “problematic” couple to analyze is Emma and Ryan. Emma is a naive and air-headed “little girl” (even though she’s a college student). She isn’t aware of Ryan’s feelings despite being so close throughout their lives. However, it isn’t until Emma is in a relationship with Victor that she starts caring about someone else and also starts to understand the emotional issues that come from being in a relationship.

As for Ryan, he has so many secrets that he kept locked away from Emma and it’s understandable why he doesn’t want to tell her. He doesn’t know how she will react and it might destroy their friendship. Throughout the storyline, Ryan tries to figure out the perfect time to tell her, but soon he realizes that it may be too late when Emma gets into a relationship with Victor. From his situation, it seems that timing is key, but if you wait too long, your chance to confess may have already passed and became a “too little too late” scenario. So then it begs the question, “When is the right time?” Well, the thing is we don’t know. I would like to suggest trusting your gut on this one, but also this is a work of fiction, so I’m pretty sure the author is going to allow Ryan the chance to confess his feelings for Emma eventually.

Now for Victor, Emma’s boyfriend, he’s a bit complex and has a love-triangle going on. However, what struck me is the fact that his character always says, “I’m sorry” to Emma whenever they are on a date. Victor makes it a habit to say this phrase which implies that he feels insecure and not confident enough to truly care and love Emma. The reason that I notice this habit is because I can relate to it from personal experience. Someone I know had a habit of saying “I’m sorry” all the time as if he has done something wrong even though there wasn’t anything to be sorry about. It became his habit, but I never brought it up because I didn’t think too much about it until now after reading this webtoon. I think the take-home lesson from this is “Don’t make it a habit of saying ‘I’m sorry’ because it will always put you in this mindset of a person that lacks confidence.” You should only say, “I’m sorry” when you truly made a mistake.

Although Super Secret is currently being translated, you should definitely check it out. I mainly focused on the love & relationships aspect of the webtoon, but there are some humor and charm to the characters as well. A majority of them get involved in some magical mischief.


Side Note: I want to thank my friend, Trang, for recommending me this webtoon at a time of great sadness for me. It shed a little light on emotions and relationships.

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