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Rekindling Bonds: Thoughts on Poco’s Udon World

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Poco’s Udon World (うどんの国の金色毛鞠)

(Anime 2016)

Manga Created By: Nodoka Shinomaru

Studio: Liden Films

Warning: Spoilers!

I finally watched an anime after so many months, and the first anime I picked was Poco’s Udon World. From the trailer, it looks like a light-hearted anime that doesn’t require me to think too much about the storyline.

After his father’s death, Souta Tawara, a web designer from Tokyo, returns to the Kagawa Prefecture to find that his father’s udon restaurant is out of business and to discover a little boy loitering around the place. Souta takes the little boy in and calls him, “Poco.”  While taking care of Poco, Souta is reminded of his own father and all the happy and sad memories they have together.

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Initially, I thought that this whole anime would mainly focus on Poco’s and Souta’s relationship. However, the adventures that the two have together is a driving component towards Souta’s relationship with his father. Every happy or sad moment between Poco and him reminds Souta of his own memories of his father. Souta is regretful for not following his father’s footsteps in continuing the udon shop but instead he left to go to Tokyo. Even though Souta is regretful, Poco ends those negative feelings by telling Souta that his father loves him and is proud of what he accomplished. As a result, Souta has closure and peace. Poco serves as a symbol of rekindling bonds. Poco not only rebuilds Souta’s bond with his father, but also his sister and various other friends in Kagawa.

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There are various touching moments between Souta and Poco, and what really got the feels in me is the last episode. Poco couldn’t hide his tail and ears anymore and so people saw his true identity. Poco ran away and Souta chased after him. Once they met again, Poco reveals to Souta that he has been with him all this time from when he was younger to now as an adult. Poco watched Souta grew up, and it is revealed that Souta saved Poco’s life when an oncoming car was about to hit him. Thus, it seems that Poco came into his life to return the favor by delivering the message to Souta that his father doesn’t hate him for leaving the udon shop in order to find his own destiny and that his father is proud of him and loves him. This was a touching moment, and it made my sister cry when she watched it. 😛 I think this scene truly captured the overall theme of this anime: the importance of family. No matter what road you take, the decisions you make, the arguments you have with your loved ones, no matter what, they should always be there to support and love you. As viewers, we don’t have a Poco in our lives so we have to create those moments and conversations ourselves even if it’s difficult to express one’s thoughts and feelings to another.

Personally, I watched this anime at the right time since Christmas and New Years are important family holidays. This anime was a nice reminder of the importance of family. Poco’s Udon World is a feel-good one and I highly recommend it. Plus, Poco is so cute! ❤

(Via Crunchyroll)

You can watch the series on Crunchyroll.


7 thoughts on “Rekindling Bonds: Thoughts on Poco’s Udon World Leave a comment

  1. I didn’t read the first part of this only as I still plan to watch it. We started it some time back but it just sort of fell off the radar. If it got a 5/5 from you, I definitely want to go back and finish it.

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  2. I loved the OP SOS. Whilst the ending was bittersweet and it hinted that poco might have returned to Souta. It leaves it hanging. I really enjoyed this show. I thought it might have been an other lightning and sweetness but it isn’t as such.

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    • I liked the OP SOS too! And yeah, I kind of like that the ending hints that Poco is there but like it also makes you think he isn’t because he already serve his purpose for Souta.

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