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Quick Reads: Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken

(Via MyAnimeList)

Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken (身代わり伯爵の冒険, The Substitute Count Adventure)

(Manga 2008-2012)

Art By: Isuzu Shibata

Story By: Mimori Seike

For fans of Akagami no Shirayukihime, here’s a shoujo manga that would greatly amuse you with its quirkiness on the lives of high society.

Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken is about a girl, Mireille, who plans to be the inheritor of her family’s bakery. She is very close to her twin brother, Fred and advises him to follow his heart when he reveals that he loves a woman that is to be wed. Two months later, a handsome man named Richard  kidnaps her. Apparently, her twin brother, Fred, eloped with the crown prince’s fiancee, and now she must impersonate her brother as the Count of Bernhardt for the time being until they retrieve those two.

The main reason why I enjoyed this manga is the characters. They were all pretty charming and entertaining in some way or another.

The female protagonist, Mireille, is similar to Shirayukihime.  She’s passionate and hard working when it comes to her job. Furthermore, she always does the right thing even if it means putting herself in danger. As for her brother, Fred, he is a total ladies man that could be compared to Tamaki-Senpai in Ouran High School Host Club. In the manga, you always see him being chased around by girls or causing mischief, resulting in Richard solving all his problems.

The storyline for Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken primarily focuses on Mireille pretending to be her brother, Fred in the castle and with the assistance of Richard, she helps solve her brother’s mess. There’s a little mystery and adventure that keeps readers on their toes. Later on, she develops feelings for Richard and everyone in the castle is trying to bring these two together. Personally, I felt that the ending was a disappointment. I anticipated a grand confession between Richard and Mireille, but it ends up being anticlimactic.

Despite the weak storyline, the characters are fun and enjoyable to read about. So definitely, check it out when you’re bored.


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