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Bleed For Me: Thoughts on Diabolik Lovers More, Blood

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Diabolik Lovers More, Blood 

(Anime 2015)

Studio: Zexcs

Directed By: Shinobu Tagashira

Written By: Seiko Nagatsu

I watched the first season of Diabolik Lovers and it was a complete waste of time. Yet since it has a second season, I had to watch it because I shouldn’t stop halfway when I invested some time already to the series. One could only hope that the second season would redeem the horrendous first season. However, that wasn’t the case. Diabolik Lovers More, Blood was exactly like the first season. Nothing new, nothing different.

Yui Komori continues to stay at the Sakamaki household until she gets kidnapped by the Mukami clan. The Mukami brothers call Yui, “Eve,” in hopes of becoming her “Adam.”

© Zexcs (Via Crunchyroll)

The plot was as stale as the first season. In the first episode, two mysterious men appear with an evil plan up their sleeve, but we don’t know much about it until they magically show up as wolves in the last episode. Furthermore, the “main” storyline of this season focuses on the Mukami brothers and the Adam and Eve legend. However, we realize that this is a “minor” plotline just so that viewers can get to know the new characters, and prepare for a third installment of the series. Yes, I said a “third installment” because the ending of season two leaves viewers with a cliffhanger.

© Zexcs (Via Crunchyroll)

Just like what the title says, there really was more blood. There were many awkward blood-sucking moments between one of the vampire guys and Yui. I know that there should be sensual, fanservice scenes that stir up many females, but I just feel like these scenes are so worn-out and annoying.

One could only hope that these scenes in season two would be unique and better, but sadly, there isn’t anything that separates it from its season one counterpart. In fact, all the episodes in season one and two contain a scene where one of the male vampires sucks the blood of Yui on her neck, nape, or collarbone. Soon after, you hear her squirm and “lightly” resists him, but then the vampire guy would dominate her with sweet words of “You’re mine.” To have these scenes happen every single episode is a bit over dramatic because as a viewer, I couldn’t take these characters or the plot seriously anymore.

© Zexcs (Via Crunchyroll)

This lack of seriousness also applies to the main girl, Yui Komori. One could only hope that this girl would stand up for herself after what she is put through in season one, but no. Instead, she’s still as passive and weak as ever, allowing all the vampires to control her body as they please. Yui does nothing to fight the advances of the Sakamaki clan. In fact, the moment she gets kidnap by the Mukami clan, she still remains meek. I don’t think she realized that she could have escaped from this vampire lifestyle while still in the Sakamaki household a long time ago. None of the Sakamaki brothers were really looking for her or demanding her back, which means that they don’t really care for her well-being.

© Zexcs (Via Crunchyroll)

It is only at the end when Ayato Sakamaki finally comes to rescue her that he seems to be the only one that truly cares for her. Furthermore, I found it selfish that the Sakamaki brothers play “victim” and blame Yui for abandoning them for another vampire clan, which kind of positions her as a “play-thing” or in other words, a slut. Yui plays the part of the “damsel-in-distress” role fairly well, but she is also categorized as a woman with no free-will, making her somewhat of an annoying character for feminists and assertive women.

Personally, I felt that I wasted my time yet again watching this. I gave it another shot only because I already invested time on the first season. Since a third season of Diabolik Lovers is most likely going to happen, I will watch it because I’m curious about what will happen next. And there is a high possibility that this curiosity will kill me (not really).


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  1. Ahahaha! I love how direct you are when saying this series is a complete “waste of time”. I have to agree, although don’t deny that the guys are hot. 😉
    I still think it’s a waste of time, too, though.

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