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LynLynSays’ Love Songs: Carousel – Melanie Martinez

I decided to do something for Valentine’s Day. Well, most of you know that I like to listen to a variety of music and it has been a while since I did some music posts. So I made a little special for the next fourteen days, “LynLynSays’ Love Songs.” I am going to introduce some of my favorite “love” songs to you all. Yes, I am going to use the word, “love” loosely. So here is the first song, Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel.”


Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go,
Will I catch up to love? I could never tell, I know,
Chasing after you is like a fairytale, but I,
Feel like I’m glued on tight to this carousel

-Melanie Martinez’s “Carousel”

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    • Haha. Would you consider it a “love” song? I think it is in the early stages of infatuation because the guy keeps playing games and the girl is just in too deep to get out of it.

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      • Ohhhhhh, that makes sense. It makes sense now. Everything makes sense now.
        Yeh, I didn’t quite understand it before – I thought it was some kind of side-thang relationship not going anywhere but I didn’t quite get it. I was commenting more on the overall dark atmosphere the song had as well though. Thanks for clarifying 😉 .

        Btw — what made you pick this out of all the love songs you know for valentines day though? A pretty sobering choice for something like valentines haha.

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      • Haha no problem, but the side-thang relationship can also apply to this too. Yeah, it has a dark atmosphere for something that should be happy like a carnival/carousel.

        I know it seems a pretty dark song for Valentine’s day, but I wanted to start with something dark. And to be honest, most relationships start off or end up in this “uncertainty” nowadays. No one uses the words “let’s date” but instead we get this “Netflix & chill” or “we should hangout sometime.” There is a lack of “defining the relationship.” So no one wants to always be stuck on a carousel.

        Don’t worry I’ll pick a more happy song later…

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      • I’m actually really shy, so I haven’t been in a proper relationship really, but I do get where you come from. Being shy as I am, I understand partially why too.

        From my perspective, I wouldn’t ask somebody out because it really puts the person in a yes or no position which could make it awkward for both parties if the answer is anything but yes :). Plus, putting a status on the relationship like dating sort of makes it set in stone that persons A and B are ‘officially’, and seriously, dating – maybe it makes one or the other or both worry that they aren’t sure if they want to make it ‘serious’ etc.

        Everyone seems to be pretty scared of committment too in this day and age. Divorce is becoming commonplace, and I think that changes people’s perceptions of relationships in general by ading a serious uncertainty to whether or not a relationship will really work out for a long time. Being the extra cautious type, this affects me too – if beginning a relationship, I can see in the back of my head, there would always be the question “could I live with this person for the rest of my life”. The thought of a long-term relationship not working out scares me, to be honest.

        So maybe people don’t want to announce a serious relationship because they know that there is a good chance that in X months or years they may not love that person anymore? Even if they aren’t looking for marriage I think that doubt probably contributes towards this avoidance of officially getting together etc.

        I seriously overthought that haha ‘xD . Sorry that got so long, lol. I find it interesting though. It’s the philosophy student within, questioning everything to the nth degree!

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      • LOL. Whoops maybe my way of putting “define the relationship” needs some clarification. What I mean by the “define” it is the talk between the two people in the situation. They don’t have to be like an official couple. They just have to set the tone and pace and see where it is going because sometimes not knowing, gives this uncertainty and casts doubt. This will eventually lead to miscommunication and assumptions. Nothing is ever set in stone, but a little direction would be great because, without it, a person may feel like they are wasting their time.

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      • Lynlyn noooooo Dx you could have pretended we were on the same page dude x’D I got so into writing that comment hahaa.

        Jokes aside, I think you’re right. I totally agree that there needs to be some kind of pace set by the couples. Even though I was taking the convo along a different route, I still think that not talking or communicating about the relationship prooobbbably isn’t healthy for said relationship. I personally don’t like not knowing where I am with another person in a relationship (friendship or other). It’s pretty frustrating.

        Thanks for your wisdom lynlynsays!! I feel like you might become my agony aunt one day (the cool aunt of course).

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      • LOL. I don’t want to be an agony aunt, but I could see it I guess. Someone called me the cool “big sister” once on here. haha

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      • Haha yeah dw I thought about that before I sent it but then I realised that aunties can be pretty young too (I once knew someone who was older than their aunt), so I’ve got you covered if you were worried about the age implied by the term auntie 😉 (oh yeah! Always thinking on my feet!).

        I thought about a big sister too but let’s face it – agony big sister doesn’t roll off the tounge that well, does it xD ?

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