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To Fight Like A Warrior: Thoughts on Kuroko’s Basketball (Season 2)

kuroko's basketbal s2
(Via MyAnimeList)

Kuroko’s Basketball (黒子のバスケ)

(Anime S2, 2013-2014)

By: Tadatoshi Fujimaki

In season two of Kuroko’s Basketball, Seirin High School’s basketball team is preparing for the Winter Cup competition. In this season, they had rematches against teams introduced in the first season such as Touou Academy, who has the most agile and swift Daiki Aomine. Seirin High School also faced some new opponents, which includes Yosen High School’s basketball team and their star player, the monstrous center, Atsushi Murasakibara.

First of all, I will discuss basketball politics, and say, “CONGRATS TO THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS! YOU GUYS DESERVE IT!”

Give Up S2 Ep 32
“When I saw this, I had to do a double-take. Stephen Curry! #30!” Ep 32: “Give Up” (Via Crunchyroll)

The title of this post, “To Fight Like A Warrior: Thoughts on Kuroko’s Basketball (Season 2),” is appropriate because of two reasons. The Golden State Warriors fought hard all season long, and kept their eyes on the ultimate prize, NBA Finals Champions. Kuroko and his teammates are fighting like warriors in hopes of obtaining the Winter Cup, and becoming the number one basketball team in all of Japan.

START! S2 Ep 28
“Kagami” Ep 28: “Start!” (Via Crunchyroll)

When comparing both seasons, I notice the development of the Seirin High School basketball team. They made adjustments to improve their game and skills. Also when facing adversity and tough players in each game, the team maintained their composure and figured out a way to win. Sometimes, it was usually a player rising to the occasion to act as a hero, and other times, it was pure drive, will, and luck that made them win basketball games.

It's Trust S2 Ep 35
“Kuroko” Ep 35: “It’s Trust” (Via Crunchyroll)

In my opinion, season two was much more exciting than season one. Mostly because season two had more basketball action as oppose to season one, where most episodes consisted of teamwork building and reconstructing the current roster for Seirin High School. At the time, in season one, Seirin High School’s basketball team wasn’t at full strength or health. However, in season two, all of the Seirin basketball members are healthy and improved their skills in hopes of winning a championship.

On a side note, I finally found my favorite character in this series. And the lucky winner is Teppei Kiyoshi, also known as the “Iron Heart.” I like his personality on and off the court. On the court, he plays hard, trying to capture those rebounds from missed shots. While off the court, he acts as a big brother to all his teammates. He has a great sense of humor, and at times, he is mischievous and cunning.

I Will Defeat You! S2 Ep 34
“Kiyoshi Teppei acting like a big brother.” Ep 34: “I Will Defeat You!” (Via Crunchyroll)
I Don't Want to Lose S2 ep 48
“Kiyoshi Teppei feeling the love from his teammates.” Ep 48: “I Don’t Want to Lose.” (Via Crunchyroll)

Aside from Teppei Kiyoshi’s humor, I also enjoy the humor of Tetsuya Kuroko. He has some funny jokes even though his voice is monotone and his face is expressionless.

I've been waiting for this S2 Ep30
Kuroko deemed useless in this game. Ep 30: “I’ve Been Waiting For This.” (Via Crunchyroll)
Of Course It's Not Easy S2 Ep 45
“Kuroko gets slapped.” Ep 45: “Of Course, It’s Not Easy.” (Via Crunchyroll)

I can’t wait until season three wraps up in the upcoming months. I am looking forward to watching it! 😀


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