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Anime Movie: Thoughts on K: Missing Kings

K: Missing Kings
(Via MyAnimeList)

K: Missing Kings

(Anime/Movie 2014)

Produced By: GoHands

Directed By: Shingo Suzuki

(Disclaimer: There will be some spoilers in this post.)

First of all, if you haven’t watched the first season of the series, do not watch the movie. K: Missing Kings doesn’t recap or summarize what has happened so far. This movie is a continuation to the anime series, and also provides some possible information about the upcoming new series.

K: Missing Kings takes place a couple of months after the School Island Incident in the anime series. The Silver Clansman, Kuroh Yatogami and Neko are in search of their master, Shiro, who disappeared after the incident. HOMRA has “disbanded” after their Red King, Mikoto Suoh died, and Scepter 4 has been growing and expanding. A new threat rises when the Green Clan, JUNGLE, has plans to kidnap Anna Kushina. Kuroh and Neko put their search on hold in order to save her with the help of some members in Scepter 4 and HOMRA.

In this movie, there are minimal action sequences. (In fact, I think the trailer shows you all the action there is in the movie.) My favorite part is when Anna is reborn into the Red King, and she creates the Sword of Damocles for the Red Clan, HOMRA.

Yet, by the end of the movie, nothing seems to be resolved. We are left with more unanswered questions. We still don’t know where Shiro is hiding (despite him making an appearance with the Gold King in the end) or whether Shiro will reunite with his clansman. In addition, we do not know what JUNGLE’s intentions are for kidnapping Anna.

I think the sole purpose of this film is to find the new Red King, which is Anna, and to reveal the new threat against the rest of the kings, which I assume to be the Green Clan, JUNGLE. (I think new season of K tackles the problem of JUNGLE.)


2 thoughts on “Anime Movie: Thoughts on K: Missing Kings Leave a comment

  1. Is it any good ? I just watched the first season of Knight of Sidonia ( a Netflix original series, but Japanese made ), and I loved it. ( the whole night last night until the wee hours of the morning ) I wish I could do summaries and reviews of mangas and animes that I had read and watched, but my blogsite is not this tyoe, and my readers aren’t either. If I start wrting about mangas, I will lose 99 % of my readers. lol

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    • Personally, I liked it. But I’ve read many reviews, and they were “50/50” about it. Some people didn’t like K because the plot line was slow, and somewhat confusing because you just get in the middle of all the action, and throughout the show, you are slowly trying to unravel and piece together the mystery.

      Yet, if you like major “eye candy” this is a show you should definitely check out. However, some people didn’t like this show because there was a lack of developed characters. Luckily, there is going to be a second season, so there is plenty of time to develop dynamic characters. Also, one of the reason why I liked this anime is the music score. There is something about it that makes this show very whimsical and exciting.

      As for blogging, well you can create another blog for reviews, but that would be a lot more work trying to keep up with two blogs. When I started blogging, I had no idea what kind of blog I wanted to make, but it just ended up like this writing about stuff that interests me. Eventually, I think I’ll add some personal stories or what not to make more of a variety, and attract other readers. Most of my readers either like anime/manga or just like literature. In fact, the name of my blog is misleading, I think I need to put a tagline or something to clearly explain what my blog is about. I’ll do that later at some point.


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