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One Shot: Christmas Romances

(Via WeHeartIt)

Even though Christmas is over, you can read special Christmas-themed shoujo manga. I read a few yesterday before I went to my family’s Christmas party. I was pretty excited for this year’s party though because we did Secret Santa, and I got what I wished for, 2PM CDs, which I’m currently listening to them as I write this. Anyways, here are some one shot shoujo manga stories about Christmas you can enjoy even though Christmas 2014 already passed. 

Christmas Romance (クリスマスロマンス) by Harada Saa is about a student, Sano Ito—a major bookworm and an employee at a local bookstore—who finds out that her favorite author, Umeda Akira, is a student at her school. As a devoted fan, she asks for a signed book and invites Umeda Akira to the bookstore because she is working on a special Christmas Eve gift for him in honor of the release of his new novel. However, Sano Ito’s devotion as a fan transforms into a feeling of love.

This was a cute one shot. I enjoy reading the bookworm/library romance concepts because I am an avid reader.


Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato (子供が眠る後) by Sakurada Hina is about the blossoming romance between Anri and Kouta. Anri has been secretly in love with Kouta since childhood, but when she sees Kouta flirting with another girl, Anri gets jealous and confesses her love to him. Kouta half-heartedly agrees to go out with Anri. In order for Kouta to completely fall in love with her, Anri plans to give him a special cake on Christmas.

Kodomo ga Nemuru Ato is a shoujo manga meant for a mature audience. I wasn’t a huge fan of the art because the drawing of the characters’ eyes were strange. As for the storyline, it was predictable.


Hyouketsu Kiss Mate  (氷結キスメット) by Ishihara Keiko does not involve Christmas, but it has a winter theme. Yamato is the son of a powerful snow woman and a human male. One day, a snow woman, Hiori, visits Yamato, in hopes of bringing him back to her village and marrying him off so that he can be a powerful snow being. However, Yamato refuses her offer and Hiori fails to kidnap him through a mesmerizing kiss that will freeze his heart.

It is an interesting story if you like supernatural beings.


I hope your Christmas was fun and magical. Happy Reading!

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