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Quick Reads: Spicy Pink (スパイシーピンク)

Spicy Pink (スパイシーピンク) (Manga 2006-2008) By Wataru Yoshizumi Spicy Pink (スパイシーピンク) is a short josei manga series created by Wataru Yoshizumi. The story is about a professional, hardworking mangaka, Sakura … Continue Reading Quick Reads: <i>Spicy Pink</i> (スパイシーピンク)

The Most Unlikely of Friends: Thoughts on My Little Monster (となりの怪物くん)

(Above Pictures: Via MyAnimeList) My Little Monster (となりの怪物くん, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun) (Manga, 2008-2013, Anime 2012) By Robico I watched the anime series before reading the manga, となりの怪物くん  (Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun), also … Continue Reading The Most Unlikely of Friends: Thoughts on <i>My Little Monster</i> (となりの怪物くん)