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Lyn’s Thoughts: “I’m going home. Back to the place where I belong and where your love has always been enough for me” – #13

After about three months, I am finally back home to see my parents and sister. I am excited to see them but at the same time, I’ve gotten so used to being isolated and alone that I am not sure how I will be able to handle having people talking to me daily.

I’ve only been back for two days and I managed to convince my entire family to watch the South Korean drama, Itaewon Class. Before, my dad would always complain about how my sister and I would watch shows that have subtitles. Yet when I started watching the first episode of Itaewon Class, my dad got intrigued. I think it is because the series focused on a revenge plot as opposed to the show being just purely romance. I’m glad I got my parents hooked on this series because we all get to spend quality time as a family and it keeps my parents from being too loud and annoying.

I also joined my sister in her workout. She does CrossFit but when COVID happened, her gym closed and so she started doing her work-outs at home. She allowed me to join her. I admit I was a bit nervous because I haven’t worked out since the summer of my freshman year of high school. As for my first ever workout, it wasn’t so bad. I was able to complete a few sets of push-ups, step-ups, and jump ropes. I’m proud of myself. This will be part of my routine while I am visiting my hometown for now.

It’s nice to be back in my hometown. It gives me time to rest and recharge but also have time to think about my plans.

I’m going home

Back to the place where I belong

And where your love has always been enough for me


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