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Lyn’s Adventures: Sunday Gather

As I said before, I’m not much of a marcher when there are protests happening, even though my values and beliefs are similar to the causes that people are fighting for. Yet when I saw an advertisement about my favorite local establishment, Sunday Gather, planning to donate 100% of their profits on Sunday, June 7th, to black-owned businesses in Oakland, I couldn’t pass this opportunity up. I’ll be getting great food while helping out my community.

Before COVID, I was working part-time as an academic tutor for this non-profit organization. To go to work every day, I’d commute using the light rail. While on my commute, I would look through the window and see a two-story building that had a business on the bottom level and an apartment on the second level. I noticed that the door would always be open and I’d see the cash register and the menu on the wall behind it. One day, I saw that they painted the outside and noticed the words, “Boba.” The moment I saw that I knew I had to go inside because I love boba.

The very next day, I went to have a late lunch there and I was amazed. They had boba from the franchise, Boba Guys. (Later, I learned that Boba Guys partially owns the place after the original establishment, Huli Huli Hawaiian Grill, transferred ownership.) I ordered a Thai tea with boba and a Loco Moco. It was so delicious that it reminded me of what I ate in Hawaii. Soon after, I told my coworkers about it and it became our weekly thing to go there before we started work. I tried practically everything on their menu from the chicken katsu to the boba bites.

Yet when COVID hit, though, I was unable to go any more. However, San Francisco is slowly opening up businesses and I was able to go on Sunday. My friend and I decided to go that day because of the fundraiser they were doing. I was able to eat the Loco Moco again and tried some of their new goodies such as the Strawberry Black Tea Rice Crispy, the Mochi Bites, and the Soft-Baked Ube Crinkle Cookie. Everything tasted so delicious like the last time I went there!

Sunday Gather is a cozy place to just sit and relax while enjoying some good food. They even have a nice patio where you can dine in. Everyone who works there is so friendly and it’s a local favorite of mine in the Bayview area of San Francisco.

I was happy that I got some good food and was able to contribute to a great cause. They were able to raise $2,754 for black-owned businesses. #blacklivesmatter

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