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Lyn’s Thoughts: “We’re driving fast in my car. We’ve got our riot gear on.” – #5

After two weeks of staying inside, I finally went outside. I needed to go outside because I was running out of juice. I realized that during this lockdown I drink a lot of juice.

I did some prior research before doing my grocery shopping at my local Target. My local Target has restocked on vitamins and I need those because my life depends on them. I am anemic and I discovered that I was after getting really sick when I came back from the Phillippines. All the mosquitoes were sucking up my blood and I wasn’t able to make red blood cells fast enough since my diet overseas wasn’t gourmet and I couldn’t eat much since we were in the province area and food was scarce there. And so when I came back to the States, I found out by my doctor that I am anemic due to a hereditary issue and that I need to take vitamins for the rest of my life.

I realized that I would be impacted by Covid-19 in regards to the hoarding of essential supplies because some people will be buying in stock vitamins so that they don’t get sick. That’s understandable, but I don’t think people should buy more than what they need because there are people like me that need those vitamins to survive. Now, I know that I could buy food that has the vitamins I need, but if you look at every grocery store, there’s nothing, and so I would have to wait until supplies go back in stock. That being said, when I saw that my local Target had vitamins in stock I went to go buy one of each: Vitamin D3 and B-complex. My mom told me that they ran out of vitamins at my hometown and so I am planning on making a trip to my local Target again to get some for her. Hopefully, they have some there still.

The best item I bought on my trip was a large bottle of handsoap (56 fluid oz). Target ran out of hand soap for weeks, but I was lucky enough that they restocked.

Like I said previously, the other reason why I went grocery shopping was to buy juice. I realized that I drink a lot more as opposed to eating, and I am on my last few bottles of Dole’s Pineapple Orange Banana juice. They didn’t have that in stock, but they did have apple juice and I like apple juice.

So while was shopping, I kept a list of ingredients that I need in order to do some recipes I found on the internet. Since I have more time at home, I think it’s a great opportunity for me to improve my cooking skills. I got most of my ingredients but I had to improvise on a few items. I think the tough part of my shopping adventure is that I couldn’t find any all-purpose flour and eggs and there are some recipes I want to do that require those ingredients, but I won’t be able to do them if I don’t have them. I will probably go outside again this week to see what the stores have restocked on. I think one fun aspect of going outside is that I’m on a mission to get as many supplies I need as if we are in a zombie apocalypse. There aren’t a lot of stuff in stock and so you have to go find what’s there. I feel like I am on an episode of Chopped where I have to improvise with whatever ingredients I can get.

One of the bright sides of this lockdown is being able to improve my cooking skills. Today, I made crispy honey garlic salmon. It was a success.

Also, it has been announced that this “Shelter in Place” is going to continue to April 30th. So that just means more time for me to make improvements on my cooking skills and also work on my assignments from home.

We’re driving fast in my car
We’ve got our riot gear on
But we just want to have fun
No, we’re not looking for violence
Tonight we want to have fun


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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your health issue. I think I’m healthy, but I do worry about my parents who have underlying health issues , so I do everything to keep them safe at home. I feel anxious everyday, always asking them if they’re okay when I get home from work. Each day that they’re safe is a victory to me.

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    • I am worried about my parents too since they are over the age of 60 and are essential workers. My mom works as a healthcare worker so it’s scary.

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