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Lyn’s Tarot Card Journey Ep. 1 – Getting Started

As I mentioned earlier, during winter break I became interested in tarot cards and crystal healing. They are my new hobbies aside from blogging. I decided to talk about my tarot card experiences here because it’s an interesting topic to have on my blog. I’m still a beginner, but I do want to learn more about tarot cards and crystals as well as practice reading for other people.

As a Christmas gift, my friend and I bought tarot cards, crystals, and a reference book on tarot for each other. I was pretty excited about this gift too.  While I was researching tarot cards and practices, I wondered what type of reader I wanted to be. I know some readers are very serious in the healing arts and have strict rituals when it comes to tarot card readings, but I don’t think that fits my persona. I feel like I am a more casual reader that just wants to read cards for fun and to help people have a different perspective on things. When giving a reading, I always tell my friends that I am not a fortune teller and that’s it’s really up to them how they want to live their lives. The cards are just another perspective on the situation or a piece of advice to guide them on their decision making.

So I started doing readings on my friends when they requested me to. They would ask me a question (usually about relationships) and I would do a spread (card layout) for them. I learned that sometimes the cards may not answer the question I ask but take me to a different direction. At times, I felt confused because the story didn’t match the question. For example, one person asked me about their relationship with another person and I end up reading their past in my cards. Later on, I learned that when the cards take me on a different path it’s because they want to show me something else and it’s spooky when this path resonates with the person I’m reading. I learned to just let the energy flow and see where it takes me.

There was one time, though, when I pulled a Ten of Swords and I got a heavy atmosphere from it. The feelings I got from this reading was gloomy and melancholic. It was the first time in a specific reading where a card had a gray aura to it. It was pretty spooky. Yet, I also had some uplifting moments when I pulled out The Sun or The Star card and I couldn’t help but smile and be excited.

One fun tarot reading moment was when I asked a question about what someone is thinking and I ended up getting The Hermit card, which is the tarot card for Virgo. I interpreted the card as to someone taking some time away from the spotlight and thinking about the situation or they are thinking about a Virgo. In other words, I spooked myself into thinking that the person I am reading is thinking of me. Lol

Those are just some of my experiences when reading Tarot cards. I hope that I become a better reader and get more practice in reading for others.

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